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Oh Hey Stranger How are You?

Let's see here, how does this thing work again?

OH SNAP at the Distillery Gallery: Forever 21 top, Gap jeans, Kelsi Dagger booties, UO shoulder bag [VERY old], messy hair courtesy of me

Oh HEY! I know you!

How is everyone doing? I know I know, I've been particularly awful as of late, and the blog has slipped to the wayside. Please feel free to put forward all wrist slaps in the comments below, I sure would appreciate them.

Regardless, my life has [somewhat] calmed down again and my motivation is back up....we shall COMMENCE again and I hope that reality doesn't hover over my head.

So whilst I scour the internet for what's going on in the style world [and maybe plow through Man Repeller's musings for a day], I thought it best to show some pictures of what I've been up to for the past month or so. I apologize to those on my instagram and twitter feeds as these will be repeats, but I hope you still enjoy them!

Inevitable indication of my husband's and my immaturity. Star Wars AT-ATs having a good old time while we unpack.

The new living room, complete with sectional couch and Japanese Shogun inspired Star Wars prints. Seeing a trend here?

First and foremost, we MOVED! Moving takes so much out of me, and I'd like to use it as a scape goat as to why I dipped out for a bit, but how does that explain the latter half of June and all of July? For shame...

Anywho, this will surely be the last move we make before our intent to buy property [ohhhh adulthood], and we're very very happy.

We managed to beat the July 4th heat with an adult sized kiddie pool and appropriate safety measures.

I got to go home for the first time since Christmas and hang out with my favorite beast Molly. She's almost 14 and has arthritis but never passes up a lap and ear skritches.

Newest challenge since moving has been my bike commute of 9 miles each direction. It's been fun, minus the mid-ride chain repairs [hence the greasy fingers and shirt].

Got to play puppy sitter for a weekend with this lovely doll. Favorite activity of the day? Lounging in the sun on the front lawn.

Finally getting some reading in with a book that I've been dying to get my hands on. Red headed GODDESS!

Along with the move I finally have a LARGE kitchen to work out of, which I've been wanting for God knows how long, so I have been cooking CONSTANTLY:

Miso Kale Noodle Bowl with Chicken c/o Cupcakes and Cashmere

Snickerdoodle cookies for a sugar pick-me-up.

Thyme Dusted Pork Medallions with a Rutabaga-Pear Mash from my newest cookbook obsession.

And there you have it! Nothing earth-shattering, but if anything it shows you that I haven't been dead or dying....yet.

We roll back into fashion this week.


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