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Frenzy Fridays- [Don't] Be a BLOCKHEAD

Guys.....I almost annihilated myself last week.

I was out and about with a couple friends in Faneuil Hall, which for those of you who haven't been to this conglomeration of shops/bars/restaurants, many of the streets look like this:

Cobblestones, albeit beautiful, are NOT a high heel's friend. So many cracks, and I was a bit of a dummy and was wearing some newly acquired stilettos.

Needless to say, I took a couple tumbles and while scraping my knee I thought "there's gotta be a better way to do this."

So I dedicate this Frenzy Friday to a shoe that is not only stable enough so Em doesn't go BOOM, but also chic and on trend enough to be drool-worthy. THE BLOCK HEEL.

Here is a shoe I can get behind. It's fantastic too because I am seeing a lot of these chunkier heels on fabulous bloggers such as Aimee Song, Jules Sarinana, and Leandra Medine [who btw gave a one word reply to one of my comments and I TOTALLY fan-girl-ed, heavy breathing and shaking. 

They're comfortable and look at all the styling! Holographic material, studding, Alexander Wang-esque metal plating, color blocking, serious straps, and....lucite? Yeah that threw me too but the silk print on those Kirkwoods is too pretty.

So what do you think about the block heel? Yay? Nay? How would YOU style this trend? I'd love to hear from you!


Boston image courtesy of New Urban Architect

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