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Dries Dries Dries DRIES

How is it that every time that you have fiscal responsibilities in the way of reckless spending, there are tons of temptations that pop up EVERYWHERE? For instance everyone's favorite money suck H&M has finally come out with their online store after years of promise. As soon as I saw that my heart jumped a beat and I immediately felt like I was in danger.

On-topic: What is it about online shopping that makes it less guilty? It's as though you had no idea you dropped X amount of dollars for that Kenzo dress....until you see your bank account.

Anyways, the latest of these temptations comes in a Parisian form, as the legendary Belgian designer Dries van Noten has finally made his collections available online through Barney's after years of being elusive on the internet.

...I'll give you time for to adjust your television, but this ain't going to change people. This isn't a dream!


Did you just get a shiver down your spine? I think there's an excitement front coming on....

If your volume isn't turned up to 11 [and if you don't get that reference, you shouldn't be here], allow me to show a retrospective of the mix-master himself. Who the hell knew that plaid and floral looked good together? I sure as hell didn't.

My bank account's weeping, my wallet is one fire, and I'm praising whatever is up there to keep my gluttony at bay.

I'm sure I am not the only one whose excited for this?


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