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To Punk or Not to Punk - Met Gala 2013

Come on, admit it. You are a red carpet junkie too.

As much as we may detest the constant media attention that focuses around award shows, you know that deep down inside you are HANKERING to see what your favorite singer/actor/reality tv star/famous nobody wears whilst waltzing down the red carpet, posing for photographers and giving interviews.

I myself am a junkie for this shit, and the highly anticipated Met Gala 2013 was an event that I couldn't help but to stream while I was at my 'regular joe' job.

The Met Gala, or as people not commonly refer to as the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Benefit Gala, is an annual event that celebrates the opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute in New York City. This year the exhibit is "Punk: From Chaos to Couture" and as what is usually expected from this extravaganza, the invitees are encouraged to dress accordingly to the theme.

And I don't know about you guys but although many looked really GORGEOUS [hello Hailee, Amanda, and Solange], there wasn't really a whole lotta PUNK going on! It seems that glam with punk wasn't an easy balance to achieve, but there were a few who really stood out to me:

Anne Hathaway in Valentino
Ok, who the heck knew that Anne would look amazing with bleached hair? We've always known her as a not so busty brunette, but WOW this looks great on her. Maybe she's rebelling after her award winning season? That would be, you know, punk of her. Regardless, the dress is all glittery goodness, fits her in all the right places and the sheer paneling is sexy without going over board.

Constance Jablonski & Wes Gordon in Wes Gordon
The young model walked down the red carpet with designer Wes Gordon wearing one of his designs [rumored to be a $36K dress]. Not really a hardcore punk look, but the contrast of the gold fabric along with the black leather harness is quite nice.

Madonna & Riccardo Tisci in Givenchy
Madonna took it literally and went ALL the way punk. It's a not-as-glam contrast, but that's one of the things that I love about the Met Gala-- there is no requirement to be wearing a ball gown...dressing alternatively is perfectly acceptable. I really like the belted chains and the fishnet accents. I could do without the magenta pumps but hey, if Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci [who dressed her] says 'PUT THESE ON' I'd literally glue them to my feet.

Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood
Yes, more plaid! I freaking love the colors to this dress as well as the high-low skirt. Not only that, Christina's confidence is radiating head to toe. She's like "Damn, I look GOOD" and it shows.

Nicole Richie in Topshop
Ever since she got rid of the Simple Life and became a mom, Nicole Richie's style has been rocking. This outfit is no freaking exception......jeweled and beaded column dress, pointed satin pumps, statement ear cuff, and that HAIR. I barely recognized her at first but then after a few reviews I warmed up and now I love it. That and the dress is TOPSHOP.....fabulous and accessible.

Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello
She of protruding hipbone fame went flaming red this year with a leather dress by Anthony Vaccarello, who was also her escort that night. She embodied a punk vibe to me-- the looser rolled up sleeves, red leather, pseudo mohawk.....but the most impressive part was that plunging neckline with a popped collar. All she needed was to be a bit dirtier and she could play the Nancy Spungen to Gary Oldman's Sid Vicous.

Coco Rocha in Fausto Puglisi for Emanuel Ungaro
Coco is always known to have a quirky outfit for the Gala [last year she showed up in a shocking yellow pantsuit previous owned by Liz Taylor], and this was no exception. HOWEVER I really freaking like this! It looks comfortable despite metal protrusions, and that blunt bang with dark make-up is a nice touch.

PS- I also love how active she is on social media platforms. She posted this Vine as a sneak peek of her dress and I got SO excited.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy
In truth, this is not a punk look, but there is just something about Rooney that makes it punk-esque. Maybe it's the dark hair and make-up? I don't know, but regardless I am drooling over the delicate details of this dress. It suits her so well, and the white really brings out her tiny features. Typically people shy away from white dresses in order to avoid looking too bridal, but I don't see that here.

AND NOW here are my two favorite looks from this shindig

Sienna Miller in Burberry Prorsum
ALRIGHT DON'T JUDGE. I know the hairpiece is a little quirky and off-center, but I don't know man, I like this. It's something about the crisp flowy white dress with the mass of spikes on the shoes, clutch, jacket, hair. And you know me, I'm a sucker for all pale color pallets and the gold/black/white is super appealing. I don't know if I'd want to give her a hug with all that on, but overall this is the look that I would wear if I was fortunate enough to go!

Linda Fargo in Hiro Hosomizu
Some say Madonna really 'went for it' with her outfit, but seriously???? Seriously?????? Linda Fargo dressed S&M punk from head to toe. The Bergdorf Goodman's senior vice president wore Hiro Hosomizu with spiked Christian Louboutins and topped it off with some serious Bride of Frankenstein hair. I don't know if I have the balls to wear this but I have to give her props.

So? What do you think? Do you agree with my choices or not? Anyone I'm missing [and PLEASE do not say Kim Kardashian]? Let me know!

Baby I was born to lose...
-Sid Vicious

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