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A potentially little known fact about Boston......we are a WINDY city. And no, I do not have a concussion and are confusing Boston with Chicago, this is a TRUE fact and a lot of times it affects how we dress.

Wonder why Boston is not known for it's winter street style? It's because on a day that is 30°F, the wind will be blowing SO hard that it takes the temperature down another 10-15°F. Even the thickest of coats can't prevent us from still feeling like an ice cube.

That said, even thought I'm so happy that it's spring time there is STILL the requirement at least at nighttime to rock an extra layer. HENCEFORTH AND THEREFORE, you gotta slap on the jacket:

YES. KAPOW. Similar to what I was saying in this post, you can wear a basic outfit [which I inherently do] but just incorporate that ONE piece that takes it up a notch! The lady above is wearing mostly back, but that caramel and electric blue coat? Holy hell...

Hey, Coco Rocha knows what's up. That Fausto Puglisi jacket is what dreams are made of. Paired with a cute skirt? Nice combination.

Basically what I'm saying is that jackets, despite the fact that they don't show off your toned arms, are the perfect addition to any transitional outfit, especially when the temperature drops at night [no sunshine + increased winds = brrrrrrr]. I'll be trying to source out a couple for the next month or so, and hopefully be able to use them in the fall as well.

Some of my favorites are here, here, here [who doesn't like a good camo jacket?], and here. Check 'em out!


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  1. that first jacket is just BAM. killer. (also, following you now! you're funny. in a good way.)

    amen fashion

  2. haha DAT JACKET! great inspiration pics my love!


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