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Frenzy Friday- Sun, Sand, Booze, Beaches

I broke a sweat today. Unfortunately it wasn't from working out [which is probably what I should have been dinner last night was an obscene amount of cheese and crackers], but from walking home after work at a leisurely pace.

No, I am not obese [I swear]! But rather that it got nice, 70°F nice! Summer's on the way!

And oddly enough while the weather is getting wonderful, I've had at least four of my friends leave to go on vacation. Here I am, thinking that the weather is great, and they are flitting off to place such as Cabo San Lucas, Honolulu, and Bali. Not going to lie, I'm jealous. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to get some beach time in soon! Mom and Dad [who live here] might be getting a call soon for a daughter-ly visit....

ANYWHO, with all my friends going somewhere closer to the equator, I've been thinking.....what would I wear if I found myself in say, Fiji? My answer can be found below:

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: tastiest beverage EVER, 2B fedora [similar here], Rag & Bone tank, Phoebe Coleman Meadowlark and Gorjana rings, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, Alice & Olivia sandals, Dolce & Gabbana bandeau, Etro palazzo trousers

I really want a pair of silk palazzo pants right now. I want the LIGHTEST SMOOTHEST fabric on my pasty legs because I ain't got no tan to show them off, and pair them up with some delicate yet statement making accessories. How crazy is that wolf pendant??? Finish it off with some bluest of blue sandals to help my feet breathe.

Oh yeah, and you know I have to have a tasty beverage in hand whilst walking on the beach, right? Taste of choice for now is a margarita...hmmmmmmmm maybe this means I need to go to Mexico, not Fiji....

Regardless, what would you wear to say, Hawai'i? Or maybe Australia? Anywhere there's a beautiful beach?

Aruba, Jamaica, ooohhh I wanna take ya...


  1. i am all about a margarita and some gold jewelry right now. you're on to something.

    amen fashion †

  2. love the pants

  3. I like so much what you did here.


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