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Boston's Catwalk for Clean Water Benefit

I'm not lazy by no means, but I am usually a stick in the mud when it comes to weekday night events. Maybe it's because I'm a bit older and tire faster, or maybe it's because I work an 8AM-6PM, 5 days a week job that tends to zap my energy. But when I am invited to attend an event where the proceeds are being donated to very worthy cause, I put that sleepiness aside. I chug some coffee, slap myself across the face a few times, and I GO.

This week I was invited by my beautiful friends Carol and Kaitlyn to attend Escape Salon's "Catwalk for Clean Water" fashion show and raffle at the Brownstone Bar. As an affiliate with Aveda, Escape put this show together as an Earth Month fundraiser for the Boston chapter of the Clean Water Fund which is a non-profit institution that works towards campaigning for "for cleaner and safer water, cleaner air, and protection from toxic pollution in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces." As I am an environmental advocate, I was very excited to attend this event!

Our night began first with a trip to one of my favorite charcuteries in Boston, The Salty Pig.

I could eat cured meat, stinky cheeses, and pickled vegetables all day, every day. This was a heavenly way to kick off the night, for sure. Also upon Carol's recommendation, we paired these items with fig jam, wildflower honey, and charred Shishito peppers. PER-FUCKING-FECTION.

Then we headed to the event at the Brownstone and were greeted with a sampling of delicious hard cider. Additionally we were given the chance to bid on a variety of raffle items included a Xbox experience at the Microsoft store, a craft beer and wine package, and salon services from Escape.

Once we settled in the fashion show began with Free People, Rick Walker's, Bobbles & Lace, and Soo Dee showing off what is hot for this spring season.

Excuse the not phenomenal quality of the photos [still trying to learn how to shoot in a dark setting with manual SRL], but I was amazed by some of the looks that walked down the runway:

Fierce pose!

How can you say no to gold lame pants? I'll answer for you... can't.

Our lovely host of the night, Becky.

My accomplice Carol and her lovely fiancé Warren.

All around, this was a great event to attend and I am happy to say that Escape Salon was able to collect an amazing amount of money for the Clean Water Fund. A successful fundraiser indeed!

Thanks to Escape Salon Aveda, the Clean Water Fund, and the Brownstone for hosting a great event for a good cause. Additional thanks to Carol and Kaitlyn for being the best company!

Donate to the Clean Water Fund HERE ░


  1. Cool event! There are some great outfits, I like the outfit with the white top and floral jeans, it's so pretty!

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  2. Hey Honey!!! love your blog!
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