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Reminisce Over You

So if you have been following my twitter you've probably figured out by now I'm in the process of moving clear across town, and amidst the stacks of boxes and the sore arms from carrying everything you own, you have a tendency to reminisce, you know?

Just this week I was flipping through my stash of books with a friend. He happened upon my copy of Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation and immediately started asking me questions about his designs. It was great for me to sit down with him and describe McQueen's thought processes with everything from bumster pants to armadillo shoes, but it got me deeply thinking about McQueen's entire career.

then I thought about his former patron Isabella Blow and her passing [it was 6 yrs on May 7th]...

...then about McQueen's last unfinished collection...

...then about how much of an idiot I was for not making it to the Met's exhibition Savage Beauty...

...and the list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. I could wax philosophical about how I think McQueen's death was tragic on so many levels, but for the sake of your eyes I'll save it [but if you do want to hear me out, click here].

In the moment of remembering, I thought I'd share one of my favorite Vogue America editorials of all time, shortly released after Savage Beauty premiered in May 2011, showcasing some of McQueen's most memorable works:

Caroline Trentini in McQueen S/S 2007, a silk dress embroidered with fresh flowers just moments before it hit the runway.
Coco Rocha in McQueen S/S 2001 VOSS collection, one of the crazier shows he did set in an insane asylum.

Karen Elson in McQueen F/W 2006 collection, which ended with a state-of-the-art holographic image of Kate Moss floating in mid air. 

Karlie Kloss in McQueen S/S 1999 collection, which ended in the final showdown between Shalom Harlow and a couple of paint gun wielding robotic arms.

Rachel Zimmerman in McQueen S/S 2005 collection. This look always disturbed me, but I looked past that to view his genius with materials.

Stella Tennant in one of my personal favorite dresses from McQueen S/S 2001 collection.
I know this isn't a typically style inspired post, but to me this is the ULTIMATE inspiration. One of the things I will always remember about McQueen is how he always said that you didn't have to like the clothes, just as long as you FELT something when you saw them. He [to me] was one of the few designers in the industry who took it beyond just how the clothes looked, making them so much more than tangible items.

I have to get back to packing my kitchen, but in the meanwhile enjoy this retrospective video of Savage Beauty and let me know what McQueen collection was your favorite.

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jeremy538754 [Youtube]


Full Speed Ahead- Dior Resort '13

My absolute obsession with Raf Simons is starting to become an issue. I have been following him since the start of his self-named menswear label in 1995, and since then I have yet to see him produce a collection that didn't resonate with you on a weird level. His simplicity speaks BOUNDS.

Case in point, he took his first turn with resort under the Christian Dior label:

Now Resort is not my favorite runway. I know it's a fun peak in to Spring/Summer and it keeps the fashion commerce flowing for those who are already bored with Spring lines, but I always tend to look forward to the major 'turn of the season' collections. They always seem more exciting to me.

This collection is different. How is he able to take such sleek lines and simple colors and make them into pieces that you can imagine wearing 365 days a year? He doesn't seem out of tricks...

According to, this collection was all about the dynamic move forward in the label. Sure, Jean Paul Gaultier was masterful, but Raf has taken it in an entirely different but well received direction. From the Dior-esque soft silhouette to the new approach of inlaid lace with sheer paneling, to the graphic cropped shirts and even the simplistic book-end necklaces. We also see a reprise of the metallic shimmery fabric from his first collection that remerges here in the form of lingerie-like dresses and skirts.

Anywho, check out the rest of the collection below and drool along with me. I can only hope that at some point in my career I can sit runway-side and ogle at it close up.


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Frenzy Friday- Girl-ification

I don't think it's a secret that fashion designers set the stage, and it's the public that takes what designers create and make it popular. I mean, how many times have you seen Anna Dello Russo rock something straight off the runway and then that t-shirt/jacket/dress run out of stock?

Hence and therefore, I love looking at style blogs to see how people take what you see in the FW and SS shows and turn it into their own. One of my favorite ones lately is Caroline Blomst's Stockholm Street it just me or do Europeans have a significantly greater hand at slapping together great outfits?

I was clicking around it the other day, and this photo just leaped off the page and punched me in the face:

Talk about your perfect symmetry of the casual and high fashion! The sneakers with the tough leather jacket, meshed with the delicate green pants and Lucite clutch. The final touch? THAT STRIKING RED HAT.

This is totally an outfit that I can see myself wearing, especially because this is in my color palate and it has layers of texture to it to make it jump. BUT as it is spring [soon to be summer], I'm thinking that this outfit needs more of a feminine touch to it. Something that one could wear out for drinks but still keeps that casual vibe....

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: Yves Saint Laurent ring, Aurelie Bidermann cuff, Pull & Bear t-shirt, Agent Ninty Nine beanie, Lanvin Lucite clutch, Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick in True Red, Golden Goose jacket, Firis trouser, Christian Louboutin Banana pumps
So how do you go from masculine to feminine? Throw in some damn sexy heels, and soften the lines a little! I kept the same color scheme of green/white/black/dark brown/red but switched out some of the elements for what I think would work for a night out. De-structured the beanie to be more slouchy, amped up the Lucite clutch to include more gold, and of course put in some infamous red soles that not only look amazing but also match the colors of the inspiration photo's sneakers.
This I would wear to the following:
  • Out to dinner at Toro [delicious tapas in Boston, the BEST].
  • To a concert at the House of Blues Boston.
  • Drinks at Temple Bar in Cambridge.
  • To see Coppélia at the Boston Ballet.
  • Travel to Paris and have dinner at the top of Eiffel Tower.......................yeah, right.

Anywho, what outfit do you prefer, masculine or feminine? Where would you wear such an ensemble? Let me know in the comments!

Red lipstick, all on the paper.


Elementary, My Dear Zara [April 2013]

Sometimes, all you really need is a clean line and a crisp white to put all things into perspective, ya know?

It's simple really-- when you need to unclutter your mind and your wardrobe, all you got to do is put on that white tee with a pair of dark jeans and flats. It's easy, requires no thought, and you're comfy [LORD no you can't put on sweatpants, as much as the elastic waistband is forgiving].

If I'm ever in the mood for a simple, statement making cleanser outfit, I always hit up Zara. They are one of the few affordable clothing companies whose lookbook I EAGERLY await, as I WANT ALL THE PIECES. April was no exception...PAY ATTENTION, this is Celiné-esque artistry that we don't have to pay out the ass for:

Disclaimer- YES, I know this is April '13, but I feel the sentiment of these clothes are STILL relevant! Don't discredit me yet!

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking...

But no seriously, I love how this is not your typical grandma's couch ok? These have more of an John James Audubon feel to them...very lifelike! And it's not an all over pattern, just an asymmetrical splash of color to spice up a pure white sheath dress.


Anywho, I've included the rest of the lookbook behind the cut. Expect me to be blowing my next paycheck there. Maybe we could go shopping together so I don't feel so guilty????
Just kidding....maybe.

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Frenzy Friday- Sun, Sand, Booze, Beaches

I broke a sweat today. Unfortunately it wasn't from working out [which is probably what I should have been dinner last night was an obscene amount of cheese and crackers], but from walking home after work at a leisurely pace.

No, I am not obese [I swear]! But rather that it got nice, 70°F nice! Summer's on the way!

And oddly enough while the weather is getting wonderful, I've had at least four of my friends leave to go on vacation. Here I am, thinking that the weather is great, and they are flitting off to place such as Cabo San Lucas, Honolulu, and Bali. Not going to lie, I'm jealous. I'm just hoping that I'll be able to get some beach time in soon! Mom and Dad [who live here] might be getting a call soon for a daughter-ly visit....

ANYWHO, with all my friends going somewhere closer to the equator, I've been thinking.....what would I wear if I found myself in say, Fiji? My answer can be found below:

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: tastiest beverage EVER, 2B fedora [similar here], Rag & Bone tank, Phoebe Coleman Meadowlark and Gorjana rings, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, Alice & Olivia sandals, Dolce & Gabbana bandeau, Etro palazzo trousers

I really want a pair of silk palazzo pants right now. I want the LIGHTEST SMOOTHEST fabric on my pasty legs because I ain't got no tan to show them off, and pair them up with some delicate yet statement making accessories. How crazy is that wolf pendant??? Finish it off with some bluest of blue sandals to help my feet breathe.

Oh yeah, and you know I have to have a tasty beverage in hand whilst walking on the beach, right? Taste of choice for now is a margarita...hmmmmmmmm maybe this means I need to go to Mexico, not Fiji....

Regardless, what would you wear to say, Hawai'i? Or maybe Australia? Anywhere there's a beautiful beach?

Aruba, Jamaica, ooohhh I wanna take ya...


To Punk or Not to Punk - Met Gala 2013

Come on, admit it. You are a red carpet junkie too.

As much as we may detest the constant media attention that focuses around award shows, you know that deep down inside you are HANKERING to see what your favorite singer/actor/reality tv star/famous nobody wears whilst waltzing down the red carpet, posing for photographers and giving interviews.

I myself am a junkie for this shit, and the highly anticipated Met Gala 2013 was an event that I couldn't help but to stream while I was at my 'regular joe' job.

The Met Gala, or as people not commonly refer to as the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Benefit Gala, is an annual event that celebrates the opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute in New York City. This year the exhibit is "Punk: From Chaos to Couture" and as what is usually expected from this extravaganza, the invitees are encouraged to dress accordingly to the theme.

And I don't know about you guys but although many looked really GORGEOUS [hello Hailee, Amanda, and Solange], there wasn't really a whole lotta PUNK going on! It seems that glam with punk wasn't an easy balance to achieve, but there were a few who really stood out to me:

Anne Hathaway in Valentino
Ok, who the heck knew that Anne would look amazing with bleached hair? We've always known her as a not so busty brunette, but WOW this looks great on her. Maybe she's rebelling after her award winning season? That would be, you know, punk of her. Regardless, the dress is all glittery goodness, fits her in all the right places and the sheer paneling is sexy without going over board.

Constance Jablonski & Wes Gordon in Wes Gordon
The young model walked down the red carpet with designer Wes Gordon wearing one of his designs [rumored to be a $36K dress]. Not really a hardcore punk look, but the contrast of the gold fabric along with the black leather harness is quite nice.

Madonna & Riccardo Tisci in Givenchy
Madonna took it literally and went ALL the way punk. It's a not-as-glam contrast, but that's one of the things that I love about the Met Gala-- there is no requirement to be wearing a ball gown...dressing alternatively is perfectly acceptable. I really like the belted chains and the fishnet accents. I could do without the magenta pumps but hey, if Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci [who dressed her] says 'PUT THESE ON' I'd literally glue them to my feet.

Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood
Yes, more plaid! I freaking love the colors to this dress as well as the high-low skirt. Not only that, Christina's confidence is radiating head to toe. She's like "Damn, I look GOOD" and it shows.

Nicole Richie in Topshop
Ever since she got rid of the Simple Life and became a mom, Nicole Richie's style has been rocking. This outfit is no freaking exception......jeweled and beaded column dress, pointed satin pumps, statement ear cuff, and that HAIR. I barely recognized her at first but then after a few reviews I warmed up and now I love it. That and the dress is TOPSHOP.....fabulous and accessible.

Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello
She of protruding hipbone fame went flaming red this year with a leather dress by Anthony Vaccarello, who was also her escort that night. She embodied a punk vibe to me-- the looser rolled up sleeves, red leather, pseudo mohawk.....but the most impressive part was that plunging neckline with a popped collar. All she needed was to be a bit dirtier and she could play the Nancy Spungen to Gary Oldman's Sid Vicous.

Coco Rocha in Fausto Puglisi for Emanuel Ungaro
Coco is always known to have a quirky outfit for the Gala [last year she showed up in a shocking yellow pantsuit previous owned by Liz Taylor], and this was no exception. HOWEVER I really freaking like this! It looks comfortable despite metal protrusions, and that blunt bang with dark make-up is a nice touch.

PS- I also love how active she is on social media platforms. She posted this Vine as a sneak peek of her dress and I got SO excited.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy
In truth, this is not a punk look, but there is just something about Rooney that makes it punk-esque. Maybe it's the dark hair and make-up? I don't know, but regardless I am drooling over the delicate details of this dress. It suits her so well, and the white really brings out her tiny features. Typically people shy away from white dresses in order to avoid looking too bridal, but I don't see that here.

AND NOW here are my two favorite looks from this shindig

Sienna Miller in Burberry Prorsum
ALRIGHT DON'T JUDGE. I know the hairpiece is a little quirky and off-center, but I don't know man, I like this. It's something about the crisp flowy white dress with the mass of spikes on the shoes, clutch, jacket, hair. And you know me, I'm a sucker for all pale color pallets and the gold/black/white is super appealing. I don't know if I'd want to give her a hug with all that on, but overall this is the look that I would wear if I was fortunate enough to go!

Linda Fargo in Hiro Hosomizu
Some say Madonna really 'went for it' with her outfit, but seriously???? Seriously?????? Linda Fargo dressed S&M punk from head to toe. The Bergdorf Goodman's senior vice president wore Hiro Hosomizu with spiked Christian Louboutins and topped it off with some serious Bride of Frankenstein hair. I don't know if I have the balls to wear this but I have to give her props.

So? What do you think? Do you agree with my choices or not? Anyone I'm missing [and PLEASE do not say Kim Kardashian]? Let me know!

Baby I was born to lose...
-Sid Vicious


Boston's Catwalk for Clean Water Benefit

I'm not lazy by no means, but I am usually a stick in the mud when it comes to weekday night events. Maybe it's because I'm a bit older and tire faster, or maybe it's because I work an 8AM-6PM, 5 days a week job that tends to zap my energy. But when I am invited to attend an event where the proceeds are being donated to very worthy cause, I put that sleepiness aside. I chug some coffee, slap myself across the face a few times, and I GO.

This week I was invited by my beautiful friends Carol and Kaitlyn to attend Escape Salon's "Catwalk for Clean Water" fashion show and raffle at the Brownstone Bar. As an affiliate with Aveda, Escape put this show together as an Earth Month fundraiser for the Boston chapter of the Clean Water Fund which is a non-profit institution that works towards campaigning for "for cleaner and safer water, cleaner air, and protection from toxic pollution in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces." As I am an environmental advocate, I was very excited to attend this event!

Our night began first with a trip to one of my favorite charcuteries in Boston, The Salty Pig.

I could eat cured meat, stinky cheeses, and pickled vegetables all day, every day. This was a heavenly way to kick off the night, for sure. Also upon Carol's recommendation, we paired these items with fig jam, wildflower honey, and charred Shishito peppers. PER-FUCKING-FECTION.

Then we headed to the event at the Brownstone and were greeted with a sampling of delicious hard cider. Additionally we were given the chance to bid on a variety of raffle items included a Xbox experience at the Microsoft store, a craft beer and wine package, and salon services from Escape.

Once we settled in the fashion show began with Free People, Rick Walker's, Bobbles & Lace, and Soo Dee showing off what is hot for this spring season.

Excuse the not phenomenal quality of the photos [still trying to learn how to shoot in a dark setting with manual SRL], but I was amazed by some of the looks that walked down the runway:

Fierce pose!

How can you say no to gold lame pants? I'll answer for you... can't.

Our lovely host of the night, Becky.

My accomplice Carol and her lovely fiancé Warren.

All around, this was a great event to attend and I am happy to say that Escape Salon was able to collect an amazing amount of money for the Clean Water Fund. A successful fundraiser indeed!

Thanks to Escape Salon Aveda, the Clean Water Fund, and the Brownstone for hosting a great event for a good cause. Additional thanks to Carol and Kaitlyn for being the best company!

Donate to the Clean Water Fund HERE ░
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