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Visual Stimulation- Cade Martin Photography

There ain't going to be long soliloquy on SbDW today folks!

*cue gasps of shock and awe*

I KNOW. It's mainly because I want these images to speak for themselves. Behind every good photo is a great photographer....I mean Kate Moss would be nothing without Mario Testino to push the button and go *click*. When I find a great photographer I quickly start collecting their photos, and Cade Martin so happens to be one of them.

Martin is a photographer from Washington DC that creates an eerie yet beautiful atmosphere in his photos. It almost seems fairytale like! I also adore his use of dancers and the way they move to create his images.

Anywho, check out selected works from his portfolio below, and be INSPIRED.

*insert WISTFUL sigh...*

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  1. *wistful sigh* love them! especially the first photo

  2. What a great round of editorials. Nice!

    Ali of


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