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To Top It All Off

It's all child's play right?

Well, ok, maybe child's play is a little remedial for describing what it is to put together an outfit but the point that I'm getting at is that when you're deciding what to wear on any given day it should not be chore! I always tend to make a game out of it. What can I do differently today? What do I want to highlight? HOW can I take that Gap t-shirt I wore two days ago and make it into something entirely different?

*hint- I MAY have worn it with a sweatshirt that said "Eat Shit and Die!" on it from here*

But there are so many ways that you can take that gray sweatshirt and change up your look by JUST using clothes. For me jewelry has a lot of uses in transforming an outfit and even better, step it up with a statement piece. Whether it's a necklace, ring, or even an arm party© [coined by the one and only Man Repeller] it'll round out your outfit.

I've been scraping around my usual internet haunts and pulled a bunch of images of the season's upcoming jewelry. I definitely saw a couple themes as to what I thought was perfect for spring:

clockwise from upper left: Elle Japan, Accessorize magazine, Oscar de la Renta S/S '13, Swarovski Crystal Spring '13

Long, blonde beach waves and light muslin cotton clothing. Colorful and long necklaces, with equally as colorful bracelet sets. OR alternatively mix it up with a statement bracelet [how do you like that Oscar de la Renta stunner?]. My personal favorite site for jewelry like this is Ready to go surfing?

clockwise from upper left: Vogue Brazil, Kelly Wearstler Sprin g'13, French Revue, Vogue Brazil

This is going out jewelry for sure. Just little touches [or big ones like you see with French Revue on the bottom right or Kelly Wearstler on the top right] that take the outfit from 'ok' to WOW. General gold and silvers with hints of DARK colors which you know I like. Check out and see what sexy metallics you can pick up. 

clockwise from upper left: Nicholas K S/S '13, Malen Birger S/S '13, Dolce & Gabbana S/S '13, Balenciaga S/S '13

THAT PIECE [statement]
Why pick out a thousand pieces of jewelry to wear when you can put on that ONE piece that just makes the outfit THAT much better? I personally am drooling over those Balenciaga rings. I think Because I'm Addicted said it best: "#sohotrightnow." Seriously you do not need anything else! Obviously I can't afford the items above on my salary, so my favorite spot to shop is Stella & Dot. They have a special section right now for silver statement jewelry. Swoon!

So what do you think? What items of jewelry will YOU play with to dress up your look? Make a game out of it and see what you can come up with!


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  1. I like the last accessories the most

    1. Hi there Tra Mi

      I LOVE the last accessories. Those Balenciaga rings are crazy, right?

      xoxo, Em

  2. Hiya!! I love your ideas!! Can you have a look on my blog and maybe follow me?? I have followed you!!!

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thanks for the follow! I'll definitely swing by your blog!

      xoxo, Em

  3. these photos are very inspiring!

    1. Hi Kri

      I'm glad you agree! I've been going nuts over jewelry as of late and trying not to spend a fortune!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo, Em


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