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I love that dirty water.

I was all set to blog last week, as I was in Virginia Beach preparing to meet my god daughter for the first time and had spare moments here and there. Then my phone started ringing off the hook with friends and family asking me if I WAS OK!??!? WAS I SAFE?

What? What the hell is going on?

I immediately went to my laptop and brought up the news.........and well, I think you know what happened. It was the only thing you could see all week.

I am a mess.

I'm not a home-grown Bostonian, but after living here for over 9 years my soul has become one with this city in many ways. I made some of my dearest friends here. I've become a frequent visitor to many of the great restaurants and bars here. I've gotten my city smarts walking through these streets. Most importantly, I met the man of my dreams in one of the dingiest parts of town here.

This city mean so much to me, and to fathom that someone had the gaul to do this is like a horrible nightmare that I can't wake up from. Worse for me was being over 1,000 miles away from the city. Sure, it meant that I was safe, but the pull I felt to be there and to do something was sheer agony.

Regardless I am happy that it is over with, that my friends and family are safe, and most importantly that our city can heal.

Anywho I wanted to take this opportunity to thanks those who reached out to me during this time. Whether it was to check that I was ok, to extend sympathies, or to simply tell me a joke to get my mind off of things....I appreciated it all.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, at this point I ask of you to take five minutes to donate to The One Fund, which is to raise money for the families of those who were lost or injured during the bombings. Even if it's just $1, it means a lot not only to those who are receiving it, but to me as well. 

  • Click HERE to donate directly to the One Fund.
  • If you want something more unique, our friends at Ctrl Alt Delete designs have a special t-shirt with proceeds going to the One Fund. Click HERE to purchase.
  • Also my friend over at Chickey Designs has a handmade Boston print to donate as well, and it's only $6.50! Click HERE to purchase.

I will resume blogging this week and it will sure turn into a more positive note. I look forward to pouring my efforts into showing you the things I love, not the things that sadden me.


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