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Fashion with Giant Twist

Science gets me all jittery in the best way possible.

As you guys probably figured out by this post here, I am a fashion nerd with a degree in marine biology. I grew up in a small sea-side town and my parents can tell you that I was always waist deep in water, pulling creatures from the ocean and studying them. The obsession only became greater with age, and I got my diving certification to interact with even larger oceanic creatures. In my time I've swam with sharks, kayaked with whales, and held sea stars as big as my arm span yet I am constantly in awe of what I can find fathoms deep.

I LOVE the ocean and every creature in it, so when I saw the work of Blue Sphere Media, my heart pulled a Grinch and grew three sizes larger:


Filmographer Shawn Heinrichs teamed up with fashion & nature photographer Kristian Schmidt to create these images alongside gentle marine giants such as Rhincodon typus [Whale Shark] and Manta birostris [Giant Manta Ray], each of which can grow up to 20+ feet [6.1+ meters] long. They are both filter feeders [they eat tiny shrimp and plankton] so the models weren't in any danger.

The purpose of these shoots is to take an element that is widely recognizable such as fashion to enhance a broader view on more troubling issues revolving about marine species overfishing. Both manta rays and whale shark populations are threatened due to high demand for their gill rakes and fins respectively. 

I say how can someone eliminate an animal so BEAUTIFUL???
Befriending Giants - Whale Sharks of Oslob from Blue Sphere Media on Vimeo.

View the rest of the photos after the jump, but more importantly I urge you to donate to WildAid, which is the charity that Blue Sphere Media works in conjunction with "to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection."

Keep beautiful images such as these as reminders that it is our responsibility to make sure our planet and the creatures that live in it are healthy and thriving!


images courtesy of
Blue Sphere Media

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