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A Sunny Day with Blue Skies

By far one of my most favorite days of the year is not even remotely a holiday.

It's that day that you go outside in your usual 'yes it's sunny but I know it's going to be cold' outfit- Jacket, sweater underneath, scarf, maybe a hat, jeans, boots with thick socks. You march outside on a mission, and within two or three blocks realize that you are WAY TOO HOT. Soon you've discarded the hat and scarf, and eventually the jacket comes off. Sure, you're pissed now that you have extra baggage to carry, but inside you are ecstatic because you know that the season of bundling up is OVER.

Fortunately that day for me was Saturday! My friend Stephanie and I took advantage of the super nice weather and walked around the Charles River. We both recently acquired new cameras, so we took the opportunity to snap photos of each other. Here are some of the images we took. What a great day!

Obviously mid-babbling. You can tell I'm excited!

UO sweater and sunglasses, H&M t-shirt, vintage necklaces and rings, Gap jeans, Promise boots, bag c/o Buildmore [you'll see it later]

The Charles River with the iconic Boston skyline in the background.

Babbling again. Probably incoherently.

We may have taken this shot with community boaters wondering what the hell we were doing. MAYBE.

Reverting back to my childhood and climbing trees ☺

Had to include this shot of Steph. How gorgeous is she???

I hope all of you had as lovely of a weekend as I did! And here's to hoping for more sunny days with blue skies ahead!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Milex!

      Thank you my love. I hope you're doing well!

      xoxo, Em

  2. Your maroon fringe sweater/coat is amazing! it looks like you both had a stylish and sunny day in one of my favorite cities.

    - Caitlin

    1. Hi Cait!

      I love my yeti sweater! Gets a lot of funny looks but it's super warm ☺

      We did have a terrific day, as I hope you did too! If you come down here again a Charles walk is a must!

      xoxo, Em


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