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Visual Stimulation- Cade Martin Photography

There ain't going to be long soliloquy on SbDW today folks!

*cue gasps of shock and awe*

I KNOW. It's mainly because I want these images to speak for themselves. Behind every good photo is a great photographer....I mean Kate Moss would be nothing without Mario Testino to push the button and go *click*. When I find a great photographer I quickly start collecting their photos, and Cade Martin so happens to be one of them.

Martin is a photographer from Washington DC that creates an eerie yet beautiful atmosphere in his photos. It almost seems fairytale like! I also adore his use of dancers and the way they move to create his images.

Anywho, check out selected works from his portfolio below, and be INSPIRED.

*insert WISTFUL sigh...*

images courtesy of:


Frenzy Friday [Girl Crush Ed.]- Tilda Swinton

I was making my way home after work last night and all I could feel was the sunshine warming my skin and the clear skies overhead. Then I got it: Why go home? It's a beautiful day and you have your camera.....fucking go for a walk!

So I took the subway to downtown and wandered for about 3 hours taking photos and all I could notice was that there was something different about Boston. What was once a fairly anti-social city had a more friendlier look. People I made eye contact with smiled, I had the door held open for me many times, and I even made a new friend walking across the river while I attempted to take photos of the skyline [see my blurry attempt on my Instagram here].

It's amazing to see what tragedy does to a population, where unabashed confidence and friendliness overtakes any negativity in the room and brings about a more positive light.

THAT, MY DEAR FRIENDS, is why my choice for Frenzy Friday is an actress that brings that mood to any room that she's in, no matter what she does. Tilda Swinton.

The Scottish actress is cool in her own right, seeing she is best friends with Haider Ackermann, has modeled for her own collaboration with Pringle of Scotland, and puts together her own avant-garde art installation at the Museum of Modern Art:

She's the co-host of an annual movie festival on the island of Yao Noi that looks like the best time EVER:
But she also does things that are entirely from the heart and puts a smile on everyone's face. Recently she was at Ebertfest 2013, which is a movie festival held in honor of the recently passed movie critic Roger Ebert. She didn't give a eulogy, but along with Ebert's widow Chaz she led the entire theater in a dance-along.
Who cannot love that?

In a nutshell, Tilda represents all that is happy in the world and what I felt when I was walking around Boston. That 'I don't give a damn what people think of me' confidence with the outgoing friendliness that eases everyone's mind is incredibly infectious.

So when I saw the shoot that she did for W Magazine's May issue, I had to post it. Who else could pull this off with such ease?

Anyway, check out the gloriousness that is Tilda below, and if you feel the same way I do about this fine woman, LET ME KNOW!
I mean, I can't be the only Swinton-ite in the world.



Giving You Wings! Sarah Baadarani F/W 2013

And let's get back to it, shall we?

It's finally warming up here in Boston and I've been slowly tanning burning my hide in the heat. Seriously, I am SO incredibly happy that it's getting above 60°F on the daily and all this sunshine is making the work day easier.

So you can imagine how confusing it is when I spy a lookbook I love and discover it's for FALL?!?!?!?! It wasn't a serious'boom goes the dynamite' moment, but I'm sure as hell not looking forward to colder days.

Regardless when I saw these fitted jackets, intricate pleating, and SO MUCH LACE I just had to learn more:


This is the Fall/Winter collection for Sarah Baadarani, a London designer who has only been putting out collections for 3 cycles. Can you believe it? If I didn't know that I'd say she had been around way longer than that.

I personally love what it says on her website to describe her aesthetic:

[She] is built on the twin pillars of wearability and effortlessly chic, SB's signature creates a modern classicism, which in turn is distinctive and timeless. The essence is strong, sensual and feminine, and gives a powerful edge to elegance. A new interpretation for shape and tailoring is born with a fresh balance created by the play between hard and soft elements. A restrained romanticism.

I totally agree, especially seeing the play on soft lace completed with the sharp edges of the wool jackets. All complimented with the lush fur, and the pops of color. There's some red leather gloves that I am craving.

Check out the rest of the collection below, and while I hope you enjoy it PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR FALL TO COME EARLY. I BEG OF YOU.




I love that dirty water.

I was all set to blog last week, as I was in Virginia Beach preparing to meet my god daughter for the first time and had spare moments here and there. Then my phone started ringing off the hook with friends and family asking me if I WAS OK!??!? WAS I SAFE?

What? What the hell is going on?

I immediately went to my laptop and brought up the news.........and well, I think you know what happened. It was the only thing you could see all week.

I am a mess.

I'm not a home-grown Bostonian, but after living here for over 9 years my soul has become one with this city in many ways. I made some of my dearest friends here. I've become a frequent visitor to many of the great restaurants and bars here. I've gotten my city smarts walking through these streets. Most importantly, I met the man of my dreams in one of the dingiest parts of town here.

This city mean so much to me, and to fathom that someone had the gaul to do this is like a horrible nightmare that I can't wake up from. Worse for me was being over 1,000 miles away from the city. Sure, it meant that I was safe, but the pull I felt to be there and to do something was sheer agony.

Regardless I am happy that it is over with, that my friends and family are safe, and most importantly that our city can heal.

Anywho I wanted to take this opportunity to thanks those who reached out to me during this time. Whether it was to check that I was ok, to extend sympathies, or to simply tell me a joke to get my mind off of things....I appreciated it all.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, at this point I ask of you to take five minutes to donate to The One Fund, which is to raise money for the families of those who were lost or injured during the bombings. Even if it's just $1, it means a lot not only to those who are receiving it, but to me as well. 

  • Click HERE to donate directly to the One Fund.
  • If you want something more unique, our friends at Ctrl Alt Delete designs have a special t-shirt with proceeds going to the One Fund. Click HERE to purchase.
  • Also my friend over at Chickey Designs has a handmade Boston print to donate as well, and it's only $6.50! Click HERE to purchase.

I will resume blogging this week and it will sure turn into a more positive note. I look forward to pouring my efforts into showing you the things I love, not the things that sadden me.



Frenzy Fridays- ☼ Sunny Side Up ☼

Being plugged into many forms of social media [i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine etc] you are then on a higher level of 'being in tune' with anything that's becoming hot or trending. And what I'm able to discern now from my feeds is the following:


So.....yeah. I guess there's that?

For those of you not in the know [maybe you live under a rock?], Coachella is a 2 weekend music festival in Indio, California that in the past few years has become an epic destination for all those fashionable and musical.


Sorry for misleading

I unfortunately will not be attending such event, BUT I will be headed to Virginia Beach for a week of beach, 80°F weather, and family time.

So my Frenzy Friday right now is DREAMING a beach and boardwalk outfit! Here's what I came up with: 

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: Ray-ban Aviator sunnies, Calypso Karla top, Stussy bustier tank, Weekday silk shorts, Lacoste gold circular necklace, With Love from California triangle necklace, Superga sneakers, Pull & Bear bracelet stack

There's two key things that I focus on any hot weather outfit: Breathability, and continuity. Breathability is a no-brainer, since it's going to be verging on suffocating hot and you want to be able to cover yourself YET be able to maintain a normal body temperature. Hence I chose the silk shorts and the lightweight blouse. Let that air FLOW through!

The continuity is the harder concept, but for me it means colors. The bustier was the focal point of the outfit when I was putting it together, and I wanted to incorporate colors from the bustier in the outfit while framed by basic in my two favorite colors [obviously], black and white.

Now I'm a bit late to pick these items up, but I can try my hardest! Also don't you worry, I'll still be blogging in Virginia. I have some great things coming!




Fashion with Giant Twist

Science gets me all jittery in the best way possible.

As you guys probably figured out by this post here, I am a fashion nerd with a degree in marine biology. I grew up in a small sea-side town and my parents can tell you that I was always waist deep in water, pulling creatures from the ocean and studying them. The obsession only became greater with age, and I got my diving certification to interact with even larger oceanic creatures. In my time I've swam with sharks, kayaked with whales, and held sea stars as big as my arm span yet I am constantly in awe of what I can find fathoms deep.

I LOVE the ocean and every creature in it, so when I saw the work of Blue Sphere Media, my heart pulled a Grinch and grew three sizes larger:


Filmographer Shawn Heinrichs teamed up with fashion & nature photographer Kristian Schmidt to create these images alongside gentle marine giants such as Rhincodon typus [Whale Shark] and Manta birostris [Giant Manta Ray], each of which can grow up to 20+ feet [6.1+ meters] long. They are both filter feeders [they eat tiny shrimp and plankton] so the models weren't in any danger.

The purpose of these shoots is to take an element that is widely recognizable such as fashion to enhance a broader view on more troubling issues revolving about marine species overfishing. Both manta rays and whale shark populations are threatened due to high demand for their gill rakes and fins respectively. 

I say how can someone eliminate an animal so BEAUTIFUL???
Befriending Giants - Whale Sharks of Oslob from Blue Sphere Media on Vimeo.

View the rest of the photos after the jump, but more importantly I urge you to donate to WildAid, which is the charity that Blue Sphere Media works in conjunction with "to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection."

Keep beautiful images such as these as reminders that it is our responsibility to make sure our planet and the creatures that live in it are healthy and thriving!



Bloomin' Hell: Free People Spring 2013 Lookbook

Mmmmmmm.....if you could ever NOT want more inspiration for spring and warmer weather, then I advise to not view the photos I have in this post.

I have always been a huge fan of Free People, as I think that my inner-flower child just flourishes when I see their wide-bottom jeans, flowy tops, and even their floral crowns. They just revealed their lookbook entitled Festival Flower, and Ooooooo GURL, I want all of it:

I mean, how could you not want to be barefoot while wearing any of these outfits? And as you know from my previous ramblings, ruffles are in and that skirt need to be ON MY BODY. Paired with one of my favorite colors no less....BLACK....

My only exception is that I'm a little unsure about the Blossom hat in the photo above.....

They also embraced the global prints trend of the season. Indian, African, Asian...layer it ON.

And last but not least, the pièce de résistance of the collection that if anyone is generous enough to get for me, I would probably be your slave forever:


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Anywho, I'm sure it's going to be a while before I'm able to buy it, and at that point I'm going to be scouring eBay and thrift stores to locate it. I know that then I'll be able to really afford it and it will have gone through some love before getting to me, but you know when there's something that pulls you you've just GOT to have it. Right?

What's your feeling on this lookbook? Like it? Hate it? Want to go to Coachella in it?

I'd beach in it, no problem...

images courtesy of:
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