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WHAT'S UP MFW Backlog- Etro or Oh No?

You know, as much as it feels like I am desperately trying to catch up with the fall shows, I actually like being able to report out later than the IMMEDIATE second that the photos hit the interwebz. This is most part due to the fact that I can look a collection, mull over it, get my initial impression and then take a look a what thousands of others think about it.

Don't worry, I'm no sheep! However I do see value in sharing and learning opinions to broaden an already receptive mind. Why give your opinion if you can't take one as well?

Etro is the first collection I've viewed where I see a mixed bag as to if it is a success or not. Where Vogue and The Fashion Spot give Veronica Etro a good review, sites such as and WWD are confused by the collection.

Lack of cohesiveness is the unanimity....and I can see it. The looks went from kaleidoscope prints to sharp leather looks, then back to prints but this time on wool than velvet. The hard edge she took this season disbanded her previous inspirations of softer lines and an adversity to the digital age. Take a peek:

Let's look at the trees instead of the forest though, ok? I like this collection solely for the fact that I can see myself wearing a LOT of this. Those military jackets would be a staple for me, I would totally wear the purple cut-out dress above for a fancy dinner, and those prints would work well with my already basic-stocked wardrobe.


Something tells me that Anna Dello Russo might wear the yellow/black number above next season and look TEN times better in it than me!

Alright, the rest of the collection is under the jump. Let me know what you think, as I value your opinions as well! Is this Etro, or OH NO?


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  1. i love it! although i definitely see the point about lack of cohesiveness... you write so well i love to read your reviews!


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