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WHAT'S UP MFW Backlog- Dolce & Gabbana

I'm going to be straight with you --  and I hope you'll be the same with me -- did you feel a little underwhelmed by London Fashion Week? There were definitely some stand-outs [Mary Katrantzou and L'Wren Scott, of course] but for the most part there wasn't anything where I am like HOLY SHIT THAT IS AMAZING I WANT THAT ALL.OVER.MY.BODY.

Did anyone else think this? Or maybe not? I'm always willing to be proven wrong...tell what lines you went nuts over! I'll be sure to give them a second look.

OK.....we're onto MILAN now. The pinnacle city of SEX and passion. I'm not joking! These clothes although showing the same amount of skin that New York and London just seem like there's an extreme sultriness about them. Maybe there's something in the gelato?

Anywho, first line that really caught my eye [and seriously, how can it not?] is Dolce & Gabbana.

SHA-ZAM. This is the finale, but seriously this photo is beautiful. That and the standard D&G final walk is a gorgeous sea of red.

Inspired by Sicily's Cathedral of Monreale, all of these items looked as though Stefano and Domenico spent hours bent over fabric with tweezers and tiny tiles:


One of the things that I always appreciate about this line is that, while radiating beauty and statement, these are all still VERY wearable clothes for day-to-day. I will wear the Byzantine tunic above as well as the lace sheathed dress. The dark undies are pushing it, as I probably need to weight 30 pounds less to make those happen, but there's not reason to NOT appreciate them!
This line still shows what Dolce & Gabbana is all about-- the sassy, crazy, beautiful Italian woman. She looks glamorous as always, but she will put you in your place immediately.

Overall, I dig it.

Check out the rest of the line after the jump [LOTS of red and some surprise Karlie Kloss fierceness], and just you wait-- there are plenty of Milan and Paris lines that I want to talk about!

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    1. Hi Instant Milk!

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