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Leather Me Up

I'm such a hypocrite.

Here I am, frustrated and confused as to why it isn't warmer weather yet. I've worn flats and lighter jackets in order to WILL the higher temperatures to come. But today I woke up, went to work, looked at the calendar and my immediate thought was HOLY CRAP IT'S ALMOST APRIL? I just simply could not believe that the time has flown by.

What's wrong with me? I don't know...

Conflicting emotions aside, my mind is still set on new Spring trends and one of what I consider to be the most unexpected trend of 2013 YET the most appealing to me is leather.

Yeah I thought the same thing too...WHAT? Doesn't anyone remember the Friends episode where Ross had a major leather pants issue? Heat and leather don't mix! How can we make this work?

Here's three ways you can and WILL make leather work in your favor!

First, try a loose leather shirt!

[L] J. Mendel, [R] Salvatore Ferragamo
You still get the effect of a leather look, however it is loose enough to let the air in! You can go for walks in the humid sunny daylight without feeling like you're suffocating. Combo it up with a loose pair of light denim or an A-line/pencil skirt with a flat sandal. You're good to go!

Alternatively, this can be paired with a fitted printed maxi skirt. A casual and comfortable statement.

Options can be found here [LOVE the laser cut], here, and a non-leather option here.

Next up, experiment with a vest!

[L] Proenza Schouler, [R] Alexander Wang
This is the one alternative where you can play around with the look and texture of the leather WITH the option of opening or removing it if you become too hot. This can work over a dress [take note from Alexander Wang], a skirt and tee combo, a pant and tank.....the combinations are endless. This is also an option to play around with color. Where you find leather jackets and coats in a lot of blacks browns and whites, you can find vests in playful reds, blush pinks, and nudes.

Try to see if you can fit in leather here, here, here [YUM], and a fun affordable option here.

Finally, my favorite, work it out in a skirt!

[L] Marissa Webb, [R] Charlotte Ronson
Want to take the leather look from work appropriate to a nice dinner out? The skirt is a fun and a flirty way to go. You can wear it so many ways [A-line, flared, long, mini] and it pairs well with a variety of tops and fabrics. This is ideal for keeping your body cool yet still looking like a bad ass.

Skirt it up in options found here, here [vegan-friendly!], here, and here.

Personally I cannot wait to be able to have bare, sun-kissed skin and freckles. It'll be so fun to see what I can work into my wardrobe! But then again, who doesn't think that's fun all year round?

What other trends besides leather are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!


*Yep, another bad joke. It's a sickness.

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  1. same here & wishing for a warmer weather :)

    H&M Conscious Collection Giveaway on my blog

    1. Hi Milano!

      Seriously! I want bare legs, arms, feet. I thrive in the sun!

      xoxo, Em


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