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Frenzy Friday- I Can See Right Through You


I just saw the weather forecast and Boston will be over 60°F on Monday! If there was anything that can give you hope it's a prediction of warmer weather. Spring will......well, SPRING!

*insert further excited remarks about warmer weather which I'm sure you're all sick of by now*

So, all I can think of now is what needs to be introduced into my wardrobe within the next month. I've already got my cut-out flat boots [I wish I got Balenciagas but gurl I do NOT make that much], a pleather A-Line skirt, and a few florals. What else is there?

Well, according to multiple fashion publications SHEER is IN. I dig it, because it is a light fabric that can increase the elegance of a look due to its delicacy. However a lot of designers sent looks down the runway I'm not sure would work in a public environment:

Carolina Herrera Giambattista Valli Marchesa
(L to R) Carolina 'Your boobs are hanging out' Herrera, Giambattista 'WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?' Valli, and 'O lawd you is naked' Marchesa

That is just a BIT too much for me to handle. I'm ok with being a little sexy but naked is not a look I'm comfortable in outdoors!

I want to make this work, so I found this excellent blouse from that is a perfect dark shade of purple. With my starting point in hand, I've slapped together 3 outfits that can take you from a walk in the park, to a sexy date, and to the office.

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
Clockwise from top left: Modcloth blouse, IRO tank, Pamela Love necklace, DKNY crossbody bag, Mango maxi skirt, ASOS sandals

I still went along with my favorite colors of black and white, but punched it up with some bright yellows! I LOVE the sandals from Asos and they match with the DKNY purse. This is a chic yet relaxing outfit that you can wear out of the day time. Wear it to brunch! To the park! To an outdoor concert! Comfort can be key with hot days but you still need to keep it fashionable.

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: Modcloth blouse, Sienna Black bandeau top, Guess necklace, Tom Ford Beauty lip color 'Pink Blush', Mugler pants, Chloé heels

This outfit is a tad more risqué than what I'm comfortable with, but this look is so kicky and cute. The bandeau top is covering just enough skin to make it non-slutty, and the blush pinks from the necklace and the Tom Ford lipstick makes it girlier. This is an outfit for a night out, or even for a casual date if your confidence level is there!

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: Modcloth blouse, AllSaints tank top, Alexander McQueen bracelet, Vince Camuto clutch [on sale!], Chiara Fashion belted skirt, Bottega Veneta heels

The workplace can be a persnickety place for sheer pieces, as sheer can equal too risky for a job environment [it has HR issue written all over it. BUT if you cover up enough, sheer can work! I did a tasteful tank that will be off-set under the blouse. For a more professional look, tuck both the tank and the blouse into the skirt! Your waist is then accentuated and the heels give you legs for days.

So, what do you think? Would you wear any of these outfits like I would? Do you have any other ideas where this blouse would look killer?

Sound off in the comments and tell me what you think!

Runway images courtesy of
Outfit images courtesy of


  1. yaaay for the heat waves!! and i'm loving your "need list"- that pleather A Line skirt sounds dreamy. And haha I definitely don't make enough for Balenciaga either- oh it only we were trust fund babies. And I'm loving your sheer combos- they all look so classy and stylish!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Hi Marlen!

      Seriously YAY. I am way too much of a summer girl [which makes me wonder why I live in the Northeast]!

      Thank you for the sweet comment [and your Balenciaga commiseration :)]. I'm glad you liked the outfits!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo, Em

  2. I love the first and last looks! I'm a huge fan of chiffon tops right now, and this purple is just gorgeous. I love how your paired it with the yellow. I'm definitely going to have to try that combination as it looks stunning.

    -Mega from

    1. Hi Mega!

      Chiffon is the best fabric for the summer. Looks beautiful and also keeps you cool which is essential for Boston [it gets so humid here]. I'm glad you enjoyed them!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      xoxo, Em


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