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HOMESTRETCH PFW Backlog- Haider Ackermann

I have to admit, I am in a RUT right now. It sucks because there is SO much inspiration going on right now and I'm all abuzz about it but Mother Nature is taking a pounding to not only Boston but my SOUL. MY SOUL PEOPLE. You all know my objection to winter very well by now so having something like this happen on my day off, although beautiful, is disheartening.

Regardless, I look to the interwebz to keep me going and boy, did Haider Ackermann SERVE:

 He is a man after my minimal color heart.

There is certainly a consistency in his work as he tip-toes the line between hard and soft [or according to him, strength and fragility] in such a unique way. Those thick leather jackets, lots of hardware, but all sided with the soft fabrics such as silk and velvet.

These are BAD ASS chicks that you'll admire while they're beating the crap out of you.

Is it just me, or can anyone else see Jayne from STOP IT RIGHT NOW wearing this hounds tooth jumpsuit? I certainly think so because I sure as hell can't pull it off.

In all this was a quintessential collection for Ackermann, which looks very chic but incredibly comfortable and wearable. If I wasn't in four weddings this year and expecting a god-child within the next month I'd be selling my furniture and books to make the cash.

Well...hmmm...does anyone want a coffee table? What about the full Harry Potter series????

.......thought so.

OK. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump, with some great detail shots. And of course tell me WHAT YOU THINK. Am I crazy to sell my life's possessions for this?

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