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HOMESTRETCH PFW Backlog- Givenchy, o' love...

Versatile. A nice little word to get you extra points on your SAT scores and make you look a little smarter at the holiday office party, but it can be applied in SO many ways:

"My dad's leatherman is such a versatile tool. I used it to stud my Converse yesterday!"

"Rice is such a versatile food. I can make tacos AND stir fry with it!"

"She has such a versatile temperament. I can never tell if she's happy or pissed off."

All food and handi products aside, versatile can apply just as much to the fashion world, and prime example is Riccardo Tisci with his work with Givenchy. Over the course of his close to a decade tenure at the French fashion house he was been able to make clothes that not only can be found on the red carpet [HOW many times Rooney Mara werked a Givenchy piece?] to street INFAMY with his Rottweiler and Jaguar prints that covered everything from bags to t-shirts.

He's been able to set trends time after time after always amazes me when a person just never seems run dry of creativity. He showed no signs of stopping here:

Mmmmmm I can definitely see these slitted maxi skirts in the fall. And florals - the antithesis of what you think of for FALL - are so working in our favor. I'm not bonkers over the shoes for this season, but there are many pieces that I am excited over and would really like to have in my wardrobe.

AGAIN WITH THE AMAZING PHOTO PRINTS. My jaw hit the floor when I hit the detail shots. THIS GIRL IS ON FIE-YAHHHHHHHH....

Only thing that I was turned off by was the tight crayon colored locks the models rocked but I doubt those will be in season come September:
Can you count the bobby pins?
Anywho, I'm still very cheery on this collection, and I predict many a Caroline, Anna, Hanne, and Miroslava to be wearing separates from this show come the Spring '14 shows.

Take a look at the rest under the jump!

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  1. i love your writing!! great review! that floral thigh-high slit skirt.... wow.


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