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HOMESTRETCH PFW Backlog- Céline aka can Philo do no wrong?

"It seems as if an age of genius must be succeeded by an age of endeavor; riot and extravagance by cleanliness and hard work."
- Virginia Woolf
Paris. Paris Fashion Week....the most glorious stretch of runway on the face of the planet and condensed in such a small amount of time that ifyoublinkyouwillmissit and then you'll be like me, staring at an endless sea of photos ranging from runway to street style. It is OVERWHELMING! Not just the media stream but also the absolutely jaw-dropping clothes. I'm always left flustered.
Céline definitely, most superbly included in this category. It's shit like this that gets me beyond excited and into little kid mode.
I can't imagine Céline without a Philo. Was there ever? Oh yeah....Michael Kors, Roberto Menichetti, and Ivana Omazic all held the position after Céline herself, the last two nearly running the label into the ground before Phoebe was appointed creative head. BUT it seems that nearly nothing mattered before she came along.
Each and every season I look forward to what made sense in my head as cleanliness. There is no muss, no fuss, no bells, and certainly no whistles. Philo's designs speak volumes to chic and beauty without all the extras. Even the jewelry was effortless and I'd wear it in a heartbeat:
First the fold-over clutch, then the Boston tote, then the trio-pouch, now it's the fortune cookie. But I still want it! It can double as a pillow on the subway yet still keep my iPad from being crushed.
The bouclé dresses and coats bring an other-worldly feel of warmth and comfort fused with elegance. BUT as an extra kick the leather accents [aka- SHOES] translating into a level of refinery that only the Céline woman can wear.
Alright, I could wax philosophical about this collection for days, but why not have the photos speak for themselves? Take a look at the collection below and picture this: You're sitting in a ski lodge in Vail, sipping hot cocoa and watching the alpine skiers fly down the hill in front of you. The fire crackles and the snow lightly falls...but screw this beautiful scene. You can't wait to get down to the Village and shop.
Does that work? Awesome. Please proceed:


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  1. Replies
    1. Hi HLL!

      I'm still reeling over those necklaces! There might be a DIY in my future, just need to source insanely large quartz beads ☺

      Hope you are well!

      xoxo, Em


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