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Drenched! Soaked! Saturated!

"I think it pisses Him off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."

- Alice Walker

Although I have a well known adversity to color in my day-to-day wardrobe, I do really LOVE the look of colorful outfits. I see someone in a bold ensemble and my first impression is like when I'm looking at a priceless piece of art for the first time. I can't take my eyes away!

Spring and summer are the seasons that call for such dynamics, but to me pastels are not the right direction. Oh no, I want to see vibrancy. Colors that have depth to them but also are bright! Deep blues, royal purples, striking reds and the like.

Basically I'm saying I wanted to be slapped across the face with color, and not in a masochistic way.

So when I saw Jalouse's April editorial entitled Acqua World, I was excited. Slightly disappointed that Kevin Costner was no where to be found, but regardless this is the type of color styling that I could get into. You've still got those knock-out punch colors, but mixed with patterns so you don't look like a circus clown:

Ok, MAYBE the macaw shoes are a bit much?

So....I guess this means I need to break out of my comfort zone, right? I mean, spring is all about renewal???

hat: Carhartt [stolen from hubby], shirt: Ben Sherman, jacket: Express [try this one for an understated color punch], rings: Catbird, vintage

.....HEY. I'm TRYING.

images courtesy of
 Visual Optimism 

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