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WHOA NYFW BACKLOG Ed. 4 [How You Doin'?]


Sorry for the delay in this post. Typically I've got these ready by the morning however the husband was home after a long trip and would not be with me yesterday night [some sort of holiday, right?], so I had to take a breather and enjoy some time with him. It was worth it, but I hope you guys weren't itching for more!

Anywho, enough small talk, allow me to kick this puppy:


One of the things I always love about DVF is the richness of the colors she uses, ESPECIALLY on in the colder seasons. Punches of purple, rusted orange, deep blue all combined with maximized animal prints and metallic looked so lux but also so wearable from day to night. I could see myself wearing ALL of this in the fall, feeling like a rock and roll star.


I think after this collection, everyone has been be saying "WWJLD?" What Would Jenna Lyons Do? Because ever since she moved up to company president in 2010 J.Crew has become not just what the yacht clique wants to wear to their next mixer...nowadays EVERYONE wants J.Crew and the brand has moved from just malls to a full presentation at Fashion Week. This collection? NO EXCEPTION. Kicky printed skirts and tops, well fitted pants and shorts, all decked in dark vibrant colors like our favorite oxblood [still don't like that name] and light grays. As being someone from Boston, this collection screams Northeast to me!

Rounding around third issss...KAREN WALKER

This collection really appeals to me, and not in the sexual sense. She went really punk-ish with the larger forms, dark colors, and slightly rebelish styling. I do appreciate that she toned it down a bit.  Not as many patterns and over-accessorizing. Also the color that I see popping up everywhere --dark and stormy green-- popped up here too in the form of sweaters and jackets [I'd rock that hooded jacket in a second]. THOSE SUNGLASSES...I mean, I know that's what she's known for but seriously I want all of these. Makes me want to go to the beach, but what doesn't make me want to go to the beach?

And sliding into homeplate: MONIQUE LHUILLIER

*ring ring* HELLO OSCAR CALLING. Can you see Anne Hathaway or Jessica Chastain in any if not all of these? Similar to Carolina Herrera, Monique doesn't produce for the girls who go to cocktail parties once every few months-- she wants the women who are dining on Madison Avenue every other night and have invites to award shows! MAJOR gowns with intricate beading and fit [holy cow that nude?], and fitted suits layered with fun jackets and furs. I love to look at it, but I am that girl who has the cocktail party every couple months. Guilty as charrrrgggeeedddd.

That's all for Edition 4, but WAIT! Edition 5 will be coming around the bend today as well as a tribute to the indirect return of the infamous John Galliano! Gird your loins!

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    1. Hi Milex

      Ha, I wish I was! I just know what I like.

      Also, you're blog is great! Fantastic style ☺

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