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WHOA NYFW BACKLOG Ed. 3 [almost there..]

How's everyone holding up so far? Sick of me yet? Because I totally am........kidding?

We're winding down to the end of Fashion Week and this is always my favorite time because that's when the heavy hitters throw their looks down the runway [think De La Renta, Kors, Calvin Klein] and those are always amazing HOWEVER there are still many, many collections that I am swooning over. So let's get to it, shall we?

First up out of the cage: SUNO

If there is anything that Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis are known for, it's patterns. Dating back to F/W 2011 I've been in love with their play on patterns, meshing floral with stripes, plaids, and dots. It kind of freaked me out when I heard through the blog-o-sphere that they were hoping to focus on black this season, but they pleasantly surprised everyone by doing some pieces in black REALLY well [I'm all over that jumpsuit] but still staying with the Suno aesthetic. I feel only Dries can compare to Suno's ability to play on patterns to make a comprehensive outfit.

Coming around the's: MARA HOFFMAN

We go from the diminutive look of Suno to the WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM of Mara Hoffman. Apparently backstage Mara [who is primarily a swimwear designer] said "It's not my job to be a leader in American sportswear, but rather to be a leader in light." Boy did she ever deliver. Bright bright colors, intricate patterns and embroidery, all in comfortable looks that work well together as well as statement pieces. I am DYING over that blue halter dress above. I don't want to wait for Fall to wear these, I need to wear them 365, starting RIGHT NOW.

Pulling far far into the lead is: KELLY WEARSTLER

When Kelly Wearstler, a well known interior designer, decided to foray into the world of clothing EVERYONE WAS FREAKING OUT. I myself I have to admit did not know of her work, but I became familiar quickly as the floods of apartment photos filled up blogs everywhere. It was easy to become enamored-- she has quite the eye. This line in particular was focused around Ettore Sottsass columns and their distinct geometry but to me her play on color is what I'm reeling about. You all know about my adversity to color, but Kelly inspires me to step out of my little box with teal harem pants, emerald green jackets, and metallic shearling outerwear [I.WANT.THAT.JACKET]. I hope in the future she'll looks towards a runway show so I can attend!

And rounding out today's post is: RAG & BONE

YUM. I've been a fan of  Marcus Wainwright and David Neville's work for a while, but this collection really hit it home for me. After my post about 3.1 Phillip Lim yesterday I think I'm getting a severe hankering for leather jackets and kicky skirts/pants. Quilted leather looks good on Chanel bags, but it translates well into jackets and shorts here! I am also loving the pops of bright color...the blues, purples, oranges all work well. I think these guys are coaxing me out of my colorphobia. There is also a rumor that there were salted pretzels, mulled wine, and great music prior to the show. Wish I was there!!!

Almost thereeeee....just a couple more days. Then we head onto London! It's like a race you can never win but you feel like you are the WHOLE TIME.

Thanks for continuing to kick it with me!

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