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I have to say, although I am not new to continuously clicking on social media to learn about the newest trends and next season's fashions, this is my first round with the blogging scene. I am not even at the shows and I am mentally exhausted taking in all this new information! I can't believe what it would be like if I was going to shows and meanwhile running to meetings, after parties, openings, get togethers....and then at the end of the night cranking out a blog post or two of what you seen and done that day.

Gives me all the more respect for those who are in the game. I sure hope that one day I'll be there as well and then I think I'll enjoy the exhaustion!

Anyway, like I said in yesterday's post there are amazing collections this season-- way too many for one post, so look forward to a few more daily posts covering my favorites and what I want to be decked in come Fall.

Kicking off Edition 2 is EDUN:

Sharon Wauchob took a risky move and combined MANY different themes into her collection: Mod, biker, punk[ish], 80s, had everything! Thankfully though the styling was fantastic and morphed all these themes into one smooth collection of covetable separates. Morphed out plaids, tweeds, pointy red boots...I especially loved the oversized menswear jackets. I predict that while emerald is the color of the year, the moody green here at Edun is going to be prominent this fall!

Rolling down the aisle, we've got OHNE TITEL:

I'd say for a week that is filled with dramatic color, intense patterns, and thick textures, Ohne is one of the more understated collections of the week but there are things that they do so VERY well. First, the simple grid and brick pattern used throughout the collection was unique despite being omnipresent...Alexa Adams and Flora Gill managed to translate it into several fabrics like silk and knit. Second, their draping was IMPECCABLE. Just check out the gridded dress and simple jacket pairing above in white. I'd wear any of these outfits EXCEPT I'd probably rock them in Fall and layer up in Winter [they do look a little cold, and you know I ain't having that].

Neeeexxxxxtttt? JENNI KAYNE:

You've probably figured out by now I'm obsessed with Jenni's D'Orsay flats, but now you should know I'm equally freaking out with her clothing line. Just like her shoes and handbags, she uses very sharp lines and simple colors-- In this case reds, leopard, distinct plaid, with a hint of metallic. I'd say the Kayne girl is the smooth girl of the Studio 54 era this season [Jenni herself says to think of Bianca Jagger], and the best part is that she created a kitten heel of her D'Orsay flats to go with the cigarette pants and smoker jackets. [insert wistful yearning sigh here]

And last but NOT least 3.1 PHILLIP LIM

I seriously could not chose a single favorite look, they all BLEW me the fuck away. If it wasn't the structured leather jackets and purses, it was the marled shag collars and coats. Then if it wasn't the variety of leather pant options [baggy sweats to tight patchwork], it was the knee high boots with sandal cutouts. And unmistakable color combinations of emerald to cream, to shaded grays and browns that were truly Lim's style....GAH I loved everything. If only I were able to be there and enjoy it in person. I can already see that this collection is going to be a street wear favorite come this fall. Ringing Taylor Tomasi-Hill! Get on it sister...

I'm going to end this edition on a high high high note. I hope you're all enjoying my word dribble for NYFW!

...hey, at least there's pretty pictures!

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