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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of a Frenzy Friday post and social media-ing this weekend. I got sick [AGAIN, but temporarily this time] and also a little annoying clown fish decided to do this to my neighborhood:

Image courtesy of WGBH News

So needless to say I was more focused on digging out my apartment from 2 FEET of snow than blogging. Regardless I apologize, especially since we are also knee deep in New York Fashion Week!

NYFW started last Thursday while I was shopping frantically for beer and blizzard tacos, and we have a tons of beautiful collections to review. Who knows, I might blog more than MWF this week! *SHOCKER*

I really and truly love it when a designer diverts from their original line and translates it into a successful overall career. Rebecca definitely fits that bill! I love Minkoff's handbags, and there are many attributes that work into her clothing line as well. The jackets in this particular collection are leather and/or leather trimmed, with pops of color and textures galore. I'm dying for the tweed and shearling jacket on the top right! I feel like she keeps getting better with each collection.

THIS is a new look for Timo. It still has that girly quality he tends to bring to his designs, but it's been toughened up quite a bit. More boy-ish cuts, darker colors, pants...but it really works for him! I'm all over the skirt/jacket set in purple above. 

Coming down the chute, ALTUZZARA:
Apparently backstage Joseph said that he was really nervous about this collection because he reeled back the embellishments and embroidery [two things that really stood out in his past collections] to replace with focus on cut and fit. I feel that he shouldn't have been worried, as the collection was super sexy and clean-cut in all ways. Lots of tight leather, thin silhouettes, and the pop of fur in collars and gloves, it was great to see! I feel that he needs to MAYBE insert some of his E&Es for the next collection, but not to the same extreme, as this collection was beautiful to see.

Rounding the corner, we have CHRISTIAN SIRIANO:
Amping UP the drama! There was definitely a Russian influence in this collection, as many of the models were donning headscarves babushka style [which I didn't picture here], but similar to other designers Siriano took a dip into more formal wear infused looks such as the pantsuit above. However that didn't derail him from his signature looks and drama-- embellished, high volume dresses and skirts. I'm always on the fence with Siriano and this was no exception. There's pieces I'd covet but nothing where I'm like WOW.

such as this, ZAC POSEN:
HOOOOO LEMME FAN MYSELF. I love Zac, he really really does it for me and this collection really was terrific. He took a turn at a lot of evening separates and even quite a few pants [which isn't his normal]but the warm colors and his usual pinpoints of origami pleating, embriodery, and clean as your mom's bathroom floor lines. Those of you who miss his dresses don't worry! He didn't disappoint, especially with this golden yellow number above with eerily reminiscent McQueen embroidery and bust. So beautiful...I want to roll in it.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT- NYFW Back-log Edition 1! There are certainly many many many more collections I want to show you but I feel that these deserve to be served up in bites, so stay tuned for Edition 2 tomorrow!

HAPPY NYFW! no more snow please!

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  1. nice post dear! I love the Rebecca Minkoff collection!


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