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OH HEY LFW Backlog- Mary Katrantzou

It's amazing the whirlwind that is fashion month. You're swirling in the frantic and show packed New York streets, then as soon as you feel that you've seen your last presentation all eyes are already 6 hours ahead in London. Rinse and repeat onto Milan, and then finally Paris. RINSE REPEAT.

I wish that I could dedicate 24 hours a day to you guys! There's so much to post about and so many beautiful things to marvel. I will however do my due diligence! Plan is to highlight what I find to be gorgeous and breath-taking, and hopefully inspire some awe-striking moments for you as well.

Alright, you ready? I'm ready.

LONDON. To me this is where you can find the craziest of fashions [Meadham Kirchhoff anyone?], but an eclectic mix of gorgeous luxury as well and there is NO ONE that embodies that as much as Mary Katrantzou.

Now if you follow her religiously like I do, you can always expect beautiful pleating/draping, intricate patterns, and PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS. If there's ever anything that could be labeled as ELEGANZA, you'd see this:


So when I saw the first photos of her F/W collection that is primarily black and white, I was SHOCKED...then QUESTIONABLE....then ADMIRABLE. According to, Mary mentioned that she wanted to take the focus away from what she is known for to focus more on cut and style:

Comparing this collection to previous ones it's almost night and day, but you can tell a Katrantzou based solely by the details. Want to see?

Honestly I still love it because I feel like every outfit tells a unique story, but it is so strange to see these in grayscale rather than full force color!
I think I'm still going to have to ponder this one, but in the meanwhile check out the rest of the collection after the jump and let me know what you think! Does it compare? Does it shine? Is Em slowly losing it due to lack of sleep?
Only time will tell!


ok, not funny.
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  1. I LOVE it!! and i love your opinions, you write so well!

    1. Thank you Jill, I heart you!

      xoxo, Em

  2. her collections are always beautiful!

    1. Hi Urban Beings

      I completely agree! MK can do no wrong. Have you checked out her collaboration with Current X Elliott? It's nearly affordable!

      xoxo, Em


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