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NYFW Elephant in the Room [Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano]

Happy Friday night everyone! I hope all of you are resting after a long week and that some of you are savoring the eve of a three day weekend thanks to Presidents Day. One of the major perks of living in Boston, and I am spending my night doing this....I know, exotic and glamorous right? Right.

I know that we are now at the end of New York Fashion Week, but I wanted to reserve a post for what was probably one of the most talked about shows of the week that was equally the most controversial-- Oscar de la Renta [OdlR].

For those who follow OdlR and his work we know that any one of his shows will be breath-taking and beautiful, but he added a certainly scandalous twist this time around. John Galliano, the shamed former Dior head who fell from grace after an anti-Semitic tirade at a Parisian bar, was offered a spot in OdlR's studio and a chance to help with his upcoming Fall collection. This was and will always be remembered as the day that Galliano resurfaced, however it erupted in a heated debate as to whether this was a good re-introduction to the fashion world or an undeserved advantage.

First things first-- I am not a fan of anyone who discriminates against another, let that be clear. Homophobia, racism, misogyny....none of these types of bigotry are things I either appreciate or tolerate. BUT if you strip away stupid, you are still left with a man who knows how to make clothes filled with drama, opulence, and detail.

Combine that with another man who is well known for some of the best gowns in the US....well, you HAVE TO BE INTRIGUED.

What I'd rather do right now is look at the CLOTHES:

There was no doubt that Galliano was in the building. The beauty trends alone spoke for themselves. The dark dark eye make-up, off-kilter hair are very remnant of Dior collections of the past. There were also touches of Galliano's styling everywhere. Ranging from the towering hats to the deep V-neck lines to the ever so slight bow to the classic Dior Bar silhouette in the fitted skirts.

My first impression was that Galliano had a very significant influence on OdlR's work this season and I was surprised that such a veteran of the runway had welcomed such a radical to his aesthetic. BUT then I had to delve into the archives and in reflection, the impression is not that distinguishable. In OdlR's many years of showing in New York, he has touched upon many different styles, and quite a few that emulate a Galliano grandeur.

If there's anything that I can truly say about this collection was that it had an obviously different feel to it, but one cannot peg a purely Galliano influence. It will be interesting to see where this event may take fashion's craziest man.

Regardless, it was still very, very, very, beautiful.

I've posted my other favorite looks after the jump, but let me know what you think! Did Galliano deserve a chance with OdlR? Did you think he had a significant influence on this show? What do you think will happen next?




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  1. Stunning inspirations... dresses are perfect!

    1. Hi Darina

      If I actually had a place to wear such dresses, I totally would!

      Thanks for stopping by ☺

      xoxo, Em


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