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NYFW Backlog Ed. 5 [Can you taste it?]


Home stretch home stretch! This is the final backlog recap of New York Fashion Week before we dive head first into London. Thanks for sticking with me though all these posts. I'm sure that I seem tired and hectic, but trust me this has all been worth it. I have not been this excited for a season in a LONG time! I wish that I had the ability to cover every single show that I loved but alas there's only so many hours in the day. If someone could get on that discovery, please do...I'd get so much done!

Well, let's get to it!

First and foremost, we have NANETTE LEPORE

Ground control to Major Tom! Again my favorite color of this season --dark and stormy green-- pops up here in many many forms and has such a special contrast to the holographic orange and blue/green leather of the shoes and handbags. Slightly baggy silhouettes with great tailoring and color combinations. was mentioning that it was an echo to seapunk, but I don't particularly see it. I'm more thinking the Lower East Side city girl on the way to the coffee house. What do you think?

Speaking of, here is MILLY

Holographic leather, as Rumi of Fashion Toast said, "fall[s] into that category of slightly infantile things that make you smile." And I'd have to agree with her...the shimmer of the leather especially when incorporated into clothing gives it such a kick that you feel like a fancy disco ball when walking down the street. Milly definitely worked this into her collection along with some really fun digital patterns! Additionally I am very into the vivid blue coats in the rough boucle fabric, which I'm sure can be worn through most of the year!

Next to be overheard, is RACHEL ROY

Rachel was one of the last presentations this week, going all digital online rather than live so she had the ability to play with some new ventures such as decorative embroidery and textured fabrics which I thought was so very well done. I love texture myself [which I think is obvious by now] and I just wanted to TOUCH EVERYTHING to see how it felt. The blue velvet jumpsuit is major with the laser cut-outs and the BELTS!!! Who wouldn't want to wear a huge Pegasus or snake on their waist?

And last but not least, MARCHESA

What can I say? No....seriously....what can I say? Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig make art with their line. Not a single piece in this collection did look as though they spent hours on end putting in the details and this was no exception. They took a lot of ideas from romantic periods, with lots of baroque beading and embroidery, but brought a lot of modern day fabrics to the fold, such as that pinstripe fishtail gown above. With the Oscars coming up, I can see many of these appearing on the red carpet, just like I said with Monique Lhuillier. So beautiful! If I owned one, I wouldn't wear it outside...I'd lounge on my couch at home catching up on my soaps [DON'T JUDGE] and eating nothing that produces crumbs or stains.

Tah-dah! NYFW in five steps--can you believe it? As I said before, there were so many collections that I wish I could have included [Rodarte and Marc Jacobs for example], but we got to push ahead, right?

SO, who's ready for LONDON? What designers are you looking forward to?

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    1. Hi Ellen!

      Aren't they just?? I'm not one for Fall, but if it meant I could wear any of these outfits I'd consider changing my opinion :)

      xoxo, Em


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