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OH HEY LFW Backlog- L'Wren Scott

I am a tomboy at heart. I love wearing dark colors, baggier shirts and pants...even when I was younger I had a love for baseball caps and sneakers. Cuter shoes got in the way of playing on the beach or getting in the dirt, why the f*ck would I want to wear that?

Thank goodness tastes evolve with age, and nowadays while I'll still prefer that ratty t shirt to the fancy blouse, I can appreciate the girly and feminine forms that trot down runways.

That's why when items like L'Wren Scott come through during fashion week, I like to imagine the fancy parties I'd go to while wearing such a frock. The L'Wren girl is all about the sexy sharp silhouette, wearing dresses and jackets all the way from the office to the cocktail party to the date at the ballet later.

TAKE NOTE PEOPLE....these are covetable separates:

This is smart, sexy, sassy.....a variety of S words of which none of them are foul. For me, I would wear this, no problem. AGAIN I whine about the lack of warm weather around here. I want to be able to wear these dresses without layering up with scarves, jackets, cardigans. Although I can see some great necklaces and hats going with the red and yellow number above.

DAMN. Into it. See that metallic bag under that arm?
However, sidenote-- Ladies, do you EVER carry your bag that way???? I get that it is a new and kitschy way to hold the latest and greatest object, but I'd get so sick of it and I'm sure my grip would tire quickly. There are straps on the bag and I am all about using them.
Regardless, this is a beautiful collection. L'Wren was apparently nervous prior to showing as this is her first runway in London [she had shown in NYC and Paris before this] and was worried about judgement, but I see no reason for her to have felt that way.
Enjoy the rest of the lavishness under the cut. Maybe tell me where you'd wear it?


OH HEY LFW Backlog- Mary Katrantzou

It's amazing the whirlwind that is fashion month. You're swirling in the frantic and show packed New York streets, then as soon as you feel that you've seen your last presentation all eyes are already 6 hours ahead in London. Rinse and repeat onto Milan, and then finally Paris. RINSE REPEAT.

I wish that I could dedicate 24 hours a day to you guys! There's so much to post about and so many beautiful things to marvel. I will however do my due diligence! Plan is to highlight what I find to be gorgeous and breath-taking, and hopefully inspire some awe-striking moments for you as well.

Alright, you ready? I'm ready.

LONDON. To me this is where you can find the craziest of fashions [Meadham Kirchhoff anyone?], but an eclectic mix of gorgeous luxury as well and there is NO ONE that embodies that as much as Mary Katrantzou.

Now if you follow her religiously like I do, you can always expect beautiful pleating/draping, intricate patterns, and PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS. If there's ever anything that could be labeled as ELEGANZA, you'd see this:


So when I saw the first photos of her F/W collection that is primarily black and white, I was SHOCKED...then QUESTIONABLE....then ADMIRABLE. According to, Mary mentioned that she wanted to take the focus away from what she is known for to focus more on cut and style:

Comparing this collection to previous ones it's almost night and day, but you can tell a Katrantzou based solely by the details. Want to see?

Honestly I still love it because I feel like every outfit tells a unique story, but it is so strange to see these in grayscale rather than full force color!
I think I'm still going to have to ponder this one, but in the meanwhile check out the rest of the collection after the jump and let me know what you think! Does it compare? Does it shine? Is Em slowly losing it due to lack of sleep?
Only time will tell!


NYFW Elephant in the Room [Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano]

Happy Friday night everyone! I hope all of you are resting after a long week and that some of you are savoring the eve of a three day weekend thanks to Presidents Day. One of the major perks of living in Boston, and I am spending my night doing this....I know, exotic and glamorous right? Right.

I know that we are now at the end of New York Fashion Week, but I wanted to reserve a post for what was probably one of the most talked about shows of the week that was equally the most controversial-- Oscar de la Renta [OdlR].

For those who follow OdlR and his work we know that any one of his shows will be breath-taking and beautiful, but he added a certainly scandalous twist this time around. John Galliano, the shamed former Dior head who fell from grace after an anti-Semitic tirade at a Parisian bar, was offered a spot in OdlR's studio and a chance to help with his upcoming Fall collection. This was and will always be remembered as the day that Galliano resurfaced, however it erupted in a heated debate as to whether this was a good re-introduction to the fashion world or an undeserved advantage.

First things first-- I am not a fan of anyone who discriminates against another, let that be clear. Homophobia, racism, misogyny....none of these types of bigotry are things I either appreciate or tolerate. BUT if you strip away stupid, you are still left with a man who knows how to make clothes filled with drama, opulence, and detail.

Combine that with another man who is well known for some of the best gowns in the US....well, you HAVE TO BE INTRIGUED.

What I'd rather do right now is look at the CLOTHES:

There was no doubt that Galliano was in the building. The beauty trends alone spoke for themselves. The dark dark eye make-up, off-kilter hair are very remnant of Dior collections of the past. There were also touches of Galliano's styling everywhere. Ranging from the towering hats to the deep V-neck lines to the ever so slight bow to the classic Dior Bar silhouette in the fitted skirts.

My first impression was that Galliano had a very significant influence on OdlR's work this season and I was surprised that such a veteran of the runway had welcomed such a radical to his aesthetic. BUT then I had to delve into the archives and in reflection, the impression is not that distinguishable. In OdlR's many years of showing in New York, he has touched upon many different styles, and quite a few that emulate a Galliano grandeur.

If there's anything that I can truly say about this collection was that it had an obviously different feel to it, but one cannot peg a purely Galliano influence. It will be interesting to see where this event may take fashion's craziest man.

Regardless, it was still very, very, very, beautiful.

I've posted my other favorite looks after the jump, but let me know what you think! Did Galliano deserve a chance with OdlR? Did you think he had a significant influence on this show? What do you think will happen next?


NYFW Backlog Ed. 5 [Can you taste it?]


Home stretch home stretch! This is the final backlog recap of New York Fashion Week before we dive head first into London. Thanks for sticking with me though all these posts. I'm sure that I seem tired and hectic, but trust me this has all been worth it. I have not been this excited for a season in a LONG time! I wish that I had the ability to cover every single show that I loved but alas there's only so many hours in the day. If someone could get on that discovery, please do...I'd get so much done!

Well, let's get to it!

First and foremost, we have NANETTE LEPORE

Ground control to Major Tom! Again my favorite color of this season --dark and stormy green-- pops up here in many many forms and has such a special contrast to the holographic orange and blue/green leather of the shoes and handbags. Slightly baggy silhouettes with great tailoring and color combinations. was mentioning that it was an echo to seapunk, but I don't particularly see it. I'm more thinking the Lower East Side city girl on the way to the coffee house. What do you think?

Speaking of, here is MILLY

Holographic leather, as Rumi of Fashion Toast said, "fall[s] into that category of slightly infantile things that make you smile." And I'd have to agree with her...the shimmer of the leather especially when incorporated into clothing gives it such a kick that you feel like a fancy disco ball when walking down the street. Milly definitely worked this into her collection along with some really fun digital patterns! Additionally I am very into the vivid blue coats in the rough boucle fabric, which I'm sure can be worn through most of the year!

Next to be overheard, is RACHEL ROY

Rachel was one of the last presentations this week, going all digital online rather than live so she had the ability to play with some new ventures such as decorative embroidery and textured fabrics which I thought was so very well done. I love texture myself [which I think is obvious by now] and I just wanted to TOUCH EVERYTHING to see how it felt. The blue velvet jumpsuit is major with the laser cut-outs and the BELTS!!! Who wouldn't want to wear a huge Pegasus or snake on their waist?

And last but not least, MARCHESA

What can I say? No....seriously....what can I say? Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig make art with their line. Not a single piece in this collection did look as though they spent hours on end putting in the details and this was no exception. They took a lot of ideas from romantic periods, with lots of baroque beading and embroidery, but brought a lot of modern day fabrics to the fold, such as that pinstripe fishtail gown above. With the Oscars coming up, I can see many of these appearing on the red carpet, just like I said with Monique Lhuillier. So beautiful! If I owned one, I wouldn't wear it outside...I'd lounge on my couch at home catching up on my soaps [DON'T JUDGE] and eating nothing that produces crumbs or stains.

Tah-dah! NYFW in five steps--can you believe it? As I said before, there were so many collections that I wish I could have included [Rodarte and Marc Jacobs for example], but we got to push ahead, right?

SO, who's ready for LONDON? What designers are you looking forward to?

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WHOA NYFW BACKLOG Ed. 4 [How You Doin'?]


Sorry for the delay in this post. Typically I've got these ready by the morning however the husband was home after a long trip and would not be with me yesterday night [some sort of holiday, right?], so I had to take a breather and enjoy some time with him. It was worth it, but I hope you guys weren't itching for more!

Anywho, enough small talk, allow me to kick this puppy:


One of the things I always love about DVF is the richness of the colors she uses, ESPECIALLY on in the colder seasons. Punches of purple, rusted orange, deep blue all combined with maximized animal prints and metallic looked so lux but also so wearable from day to night. I could see myself wearing ALL of this in the fall, feeling like a rock and roll star.


I think after this collection, everyone has been be saying "WWJLD?" What Would Jenna Lyons Do? Because ever since she moved up to company president in 2010 J.Crew has become not just what the yacht clique wants to wear to their next mixer...nowadays EVERYONE wants J.Crew and the brand has moved from just malls to a full presentation at Fashion Week. This collection? NO EXCEPTION. Kicky printed skirts and tops, well fitted pants and shorts, all decked in dark vibrant colors like our favorite oxblood [still don't like that name] and light grays. As being someone from Boston, this collection screams Northeast to me!

Rounding around third issss...KAREN WALKER

This collection really appeals to me, and not in the sexual sense. She went really punk-ish with the larger forms, dark colors, and slightly rebelish styling. I do appreciate that she toned it down a bit.  Not as many patterns and over-accessorizing. Also the color that I see popping up everywhere --dark and stormy green-- popped up here too in the form of sweaters and jackets [I'd rock that hooded jacket in a second]. THOSE SUNGLASSES...I mean, I know that's what she's known for but seriously I want all of these. Makes me want to go to the beach, but what doesn't make me want to go to the beach?

And sliding into homeplate: MONIQUE LHUILLIER

*ring ring* HELLO OSCAR CALLING. Can you see Anne Hathaway or Jessica Chastain in any if not all of these? Similar to Carolina Herrera, Monique doesn't produce for the girls who go to cocktail parties once every few months-- she wants the women who are dining on Madison Avenue every other night and have invites to award shows! MAJOR gowns with intricate beading and fit [holy cow that nude?], and fitted suits layered with fun jackets and furs. I love to look at it, but I am that girl who has the cocktail party every couple months. Guilty as charrrrgggeeedddd.

That's all for Edition 4, but WAIT! Edition 5 will be coming around the bend today as well as a tribute to the indirect return of the infamous John Galliano! Gird your loins!

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WHOA NYFW BACKLOG Ed. 3 [almost there..]

How's everyone holding up so far? Sick of me yet? Because I totally am........kidding?

We're winding down to the end of Fashion Week and this is always my favorite time because that's when the heavy hitters throw their looks down the runway [think De La Renta, Kors, Calvin Klein] and those are always amazing HOWEVER there are still many, many collections that I am swooning over. So let's get to it, shall we?

First up out of the cage: SUNO

If there is anything that Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis are known for, it's patterns. Dating back to F/W 2011 I've been in love with their play on patterns, meshing floral with stripes, plaids, and dots. It kind of freaked me out when I heard through the blog-o-sphere that they were hoping to focus on black this season, but they pleasantly surprised everyone by doing some pieces in black REALLY well [I'm all over that jumpsuit] but still staying with the Suno aesthetic. I feel only Dries can compare to Suno's ability to play on patterns to make a comprehensive outfit.

Coming around the's: MARA HOFFMAN

We go from the diminutive look of Suno to the WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM of Mara Hoffman. Apparently backstage Mara [who is primarily a swimwear designer] said "It's not my job to be a leader in American sportswear, but rather to be a leader in light." Boy did she ever deliver. Bright bright colors, intricate patterns and embroidery, all in comfortable looks that work well together as well as statement pieces. I am DYING over that blue halter dress above. I don't want to wait for Fall to wear these, I need to wear them 365, starting RIGHT NOW.

Pulling far far into the lead is: KELLY WEARSTLER

When Kelly Wearstler, a well known interior designer, decided to foray into the world of clothing EVERYONE WAS FREAKING OUT. I myself I have to admit did not know of her work, but I became familiar quickly as the floods of apartment photos filled up blogs everywhere. It was easy to become enamored-- she has quite the eye. This line in particular was focused around Ettore Sottsass columns and their distinct geometry but to me her play on color is what I'm reeling about. You all know about my adversity to color, but Kelly inspires me to step out of my little box with teal harem pants, emerald green jackets, and metallic shearling outerwear [I.WANT.THAT.JACKET]. I hope in the future she'll looks towards a runway show so I can attend!

And rounding out today's post is: RAG & BONE

YUM. I've been a fan of  Marcus Wainwright and David Neville's work for a while, but this collection really hit it home for me. After my post about 3.1 Phillip Lim yesterday I think I'm getting a severe hankering for leather jackets and kicky skirts/pants. Quilted leather looks good on Chanel bags, but it translates well into jackets and shorts here! I am also loving the pops of bright color...the blues, purples, oranges all work well. I think these guys are coaxing me out of my colorphobia. There is also a rumor that there were salted pretzels, mulled wine, and great music prior to the show. Wish I was there!!!

Almost thereeeee....just a couple more days. Then we head onto London! It's like a race you can never win but you feel like you are the WHOLE TIME.

Thanks for continuing to kick it with me!

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I have to say, although I am not new to continuously clicking on social media to learn about the newest trends and next season's fashions, this is my first round with the blogging scene. I am not even at the shows and I am mentally exhausted taking in all this new information! I can't believe what it would be like if I was going to shows and meanwhile running to meetings, after parties, openings, get togethers....and then at the end of the night cranking out a blog post or two of what you seen and done that day.

Gives me all the more respect for those who are in the game. I sure hope that one day I'll be there as well and then I think I'll enjoy the exhaustion!

Anyway, like I said in yesterday's post there are amazing collections this season-- way too many for one post, so look forward to a few more daily posts covering my favorites and what I want to be decked in come Fall.

Kicking off Edition 2 is EDUN:

Sharon Wauchob took a risky move and combined MANY different themes into her collection: Mod, biker, punk[ish], 80s, had everything! Thankfully though the styling was fantastic and morphed all these themes into one smooth collection of covetable separates. Morphed out plaids, tweeds, pointy red boots...I especially loved the oversized menswear jackets. I predict that while emerald is the color of the year, the moody green here at Edun is going to be prominent this fall!

Rolling down the aisle, we've got OHNE TITEL:

I'd say for a week that is filled with dramatic color, intense patterns, and thick textures, Ohne is one of the more understated collections of the week but there are things that they do so VERY well. First, the simple grid and brick pattern used throughout the collection was unique despite being omnipresent...Alexa Adams and Flora Gill managed to translate it into several fabrics like silk and knit. Second, their draping was IMPECCABLE. Just check out the gridded dress and simple jacket pairing above in white. I'd wear any of these outfits EXCEPT I'd probably rock them in Fall and layer up in Winter [they do look a little cold, and you know I ain't having that].

Neeeexxxxxtttt? JENNI KAYNE:

You've probably figured out by now I'm obsessed with Jenni's D'Orsay flats, but now you should know I'm equally freaking out with her clothing line. Just like her shoes and handbags, she uses very sharp lines and simple colors-- In this case reds, leopard, distinct plaid, with a hint of metallic. I'd say the Kayne girl is the smooth girl of the Studio 54 era this season [Jenni herself says to think of Bianca Jagger], and the best part is that she created a kitten heel of her D'Orsay flats to go with the cigarette pants and smoker jackets. [insert wistful yearning sigh here]

And last but NOT least 3.1 PHILLIP LIM

I seriously could not chose a single favorite look, they all BLEW me the fuck away. If it wasn't the structured leather jackets and purses, it was the marled shag collars and coats. Then if it wasn't the variety of leather pant options [baggy sweats to tight patchwork], it was the knee high boots with sandal cutouts. And unmistakable color combinations of emerald to cream, to shaded grays and browns that were truly Lim's style....GAH I loved everything. If only I were able to be there and enjoy it in person. I can already see that this collection is going to be a street wear favorite come this fall. Ringing Taylor Tomasi-Hill! Get on it sister...

I'm going to end this edition on a high high high note. I hope you're all enjoying my word dribble for NYFW!

...hey, at least there's pretty pictures!

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Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of a Frenzy Friday post and social media-ing this weekend. I got sick [AGAIN, but temporarily this time] and also a little annoying clown fish decided to do this to my neighborhood:

Image courtesy of WGBH News

So needless to say I was more focused on digging out my apartment from 2 FEET of snow than blogging. Regardless I apologize, especially since we are also knee deep in New York Fashion Week!

NYFW started last Thursday while I was shopping frantically for beer and blizzard tacos, and we have a tons of beautiful collections to review. Who knows, I might blog more than MWF this week! *SHOCKER*

I really and truly love it when a designer diverts from their original line and translates it into a successful overall career. Rebecca definitely fits that bill! I love Minkoff's handbags, and there are many attributes that work into her clothing line as well. The jackets in this particular collection are leather and/or leather trimmed, with pops of color and textures galore. I'm dying for the tweed and shearling jacket on the top right! I feel like she keeps getting better with each collection.

THIS is a new look for Timo. It still has that girly quality he tends to bring to his designs, but it's been toughened up quite a bit. More boy-ish cuts, darker colors, pants...but it really works for him! I'm all over the skirt/jacket set in purple above. 

Coming down the chute, ALTUZZARA:
Apparently backstage Joseph said that he was really nervous about this collection because he reeled back the embellishments and embroidery [two things that really stood out in his past collections] to replace with focus on cut and fit. I feel that he shouldn't have been worried, as the collection was super sexy and clean-cut in all ways. Lots of tight leather, thin silhouettes, and the pop of fur in collars and gloves, it was great to see! I feel that he needs to MAYBE insert some of his E&Es for the next collection, but not to the same extreme, as this collection was beautiful to see.

Rounding the corner, we have CHRISTIAN SIRIANO:
Amping UP the drama! There was definitely a Russian influence in this collection, as many of the models were donning headscarves babushka style [which I didn't picture here], but similar to other designers Siriano took a dip into more formal wear infused looks such as the pantsuit above. However that didn't derail him from his signature looks and drama-- embellished, high volume dresses and skirts. I'm always on the fence with Siriano and this was no exception. There's pieces I'd covet but nothing where I'm like WOW.

such as this, ZAC POSEN:
HOOOOO LEMME FAN MYSELF. I love Zac, he really really does it for me and this collection really was terrific. He took a turn at a lot of evening separates and even quite a few pants [which isn't his normal]but the warm colors and his usual pinpoints of origami pleating, embriodery, and clean as your mom's bathroom floor lines. Those of you who miss his dresses don't worry! He didn't disappoint, especially with this golden yellow number above with eerily reminiscent McQueen embroidery and bust. So beautiful...I want to roll in it.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT- NYFW Back-log Edition 1! There are certainly many many many more collections I want to show you but I feel that these deserve to be served up in bites, so stay tuned for Edition 2 tomorrow!

HAPPY NYFW! no more snow please!

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Dark & Stormy

I have not been a fan of monochromatic outfits.


No really, that's it.

They don't really do much for me aesthetically, and I always feel somewhat uncomfortable wearing the same color all over, even if it is different shades. Even a Canadian tuxedo despite it's recent appeal thanks to Isabel Marant makes me feel slightly style-ill. However when I saw this editorial from Vogue India starring Lakshmi Menon [shot by Kevin Sinclair, my opinion seemed so, well, PETTY:

I know, I know, this isn't exactly a monochromatic set of outfits, there is some variation in color, but what I see when I look at these is the texture. If there's any way to pull off this difficult trend is has GOT to be mixing up the composition of fabrics: Ribbed, sequined, silky, velvet, furry, waxed, feathered....whatever it may be, it then separates the articles of clothing and creates a differentiation in the eye of the beholder. I mean, these are metalli-tastic [shut up, totally a word].

It also doesn't hurt that Lakshmi Menon is drop dead gorgeous!

Anywho, who knows? Maybe I'll break from my polychromatic ways and give it a try......


images courtesy of Visual Optimism 


She Blinded Me with Science!

As you've probably discerned so far with this blog, I love fashion. It is something that has been a major part of my life for years and has been a revolving point for many parts of my life, NOT just my wardrobe. BUT there is another niche in my life that I will never shake my undying love for- SCIENCE!

Yes indeed, I am a science nerd through and through. My degree is in marine biology, and I've been fascinated by the natural world and the 'form follows function' way. So, when I see anything that combines both fashion and science my brain explodes into a million tiny pieces and my heart rate goes UP:

No, you are not looking at a hi-def photo of an undersea anemone, nor a close-up of a porcupine's spine but FABRIC. 3D FABRIC TO BE PRECISE.

*mind blown*

This is the brainchild of Danish designer Iris van Herpen and MIT [Boston-- HOLLA] Media Lab professor Neri Oxman, who has been working with the Objet Connex500 Multi-material 3D printer. This crazy piece of technology can "...simultaneously use different materials for the fabrication and simulation of different end parts and properties." In this case, it was "consisting of a flexible rubber-like substrate overlaid with rigid shell-like structures" to create the pattern you see here. I know, my brain hurts thinking about it too, but just admire the results, shall we?

In turn, Iris took this fabric for her couture Spring '13 show and created the outfit you see here:


She is so modest about it as well, but I feel that a show attendee put it best: "For me, the combination of 3D printing with art and design symbolizes the great leap that we’ve made in our ability to bring ideas to life, while providing a level of technological assistance to the artistic process."

All in all, a great leap in fashion technology and in truth I am not surprised Iris van Herpen was the first to take the aforementioned leap, as her whole collection is a study in geometry, physics, and science! Check out the rest of the collection after the jump!

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