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Drunk on Fashion

Inspiration tends to not come easily to me. It takes something truly special to stand out, slap me across the face, and SPEAK in very loud words. With that said, I was surprised to not only be slapped once this past week, but TWICE [my face hurts guys]:
  1. I was perusing and found an article on Mimi's Beer, a boutique located in in Paris’ Marais district that instead of serving champagne-- the très français beverage of choice-- they serve a blonde beer inspired by owner Laura Marciano's re purposed vintage designs. How amazing is that??
  2. THEN it was brought to my attention [more that all my Facebook friends were blowing up my feed] that Boston, the city I love, was voted America's drunkest city by the Daily Beast. Way to go Boston! Good to know we are keeping up our reputation of having a naturally high BAC.
Truth be told, I am a beer-drinker. I tend to prefer hops to wine and I am a proud mug holder at The Lower Depths, so all this slaps-piration got me thinking....if I were to enjoy a frothy beverage whilst browsing a high-fashion boutique, what would I drink?

So here is some of my favorite beer pairings with some of my favorite upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 looks:

THE LOOK: Sarah Burton is such an ingenue [much like her predecessor the late great Alexander McQueen] with her designs and has always kept a very firm grasp on her theme. S/S '13 was no exception, with a apiological look on bee structure, amber, and hives. Such detail! Everything from the structured honeycomb jackets to the tortoise shell accessories adorned with gold bees.

BEER CHOICE: If I had to choose, I'd sip on some Honey Brown Lager with the modernist beekeeper hat on my head. Slightly sweet and a little tangy, to go with all hexagonal patterns.

THE LOOK: What I love so much about Christopher Kane is his ability to take drastic turns in his shows. S/S '13 in particular started off with very pristine, white silhouettes which then dive-bombed into an array of pastel pinks [like this cocktail dress here] and yellows with some crazy and scary prints. Boris Karloff anyone?

BEER CHOICE: This collection to me is sweet yet surprising, so I'd say let's go with a Lindeman's Framboise Lambic. Sweet to the taste, surprising with the 2.5% ABV. Careful! This is an easy drink to over-indulge in.

THE LOOK: Jack and Lazaro will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what they do, and this season is particularly eccentric for them. Perforated leather! Python! Patchwork! Photoprints! PPP! The colors are complimentary, the fabrics [although dynamic] are well structured. I'm always impressed that with many different components, the boy wonders still are able to pull off a smooth collection.

BEER CHOICE: To go along with their talent, I'd be sipping on a La Chouffe IPA. It is foamy, citrus-y, a hint of banana, with that hard IPA flavor going down yet it all works in perfect harmony!

THE LOOK: Classic silhouettes with a contemporary appeal, Miu Miu is one of my favorites of the season, hands DOWN. Miuccia did such a wonderful job with this collection and incorporated some ingenious twists. Who thought of a '50s jazzy dress in dark denim? Oh, she did. It wasn't what anyone was expecting and the accessories were amazing to boot. One FAUX fur stole please! My right shoulder is cold...

BEER CHOICE: Like this collection, I'd love a glass with a unique combination-- the black and tan. This beer cocktail can be made with a variety of light beers [my preference is Bass Lager], but it always has to be made with Guinness. I guess it's the Irish in me, right? *I'm shippin' up to Boston*

What do you think of my pairings? Worth a try, or do you have other ideas? Sound off in the comments and tell me your thoughts!

I need a beer! Who's with me? 

All S/S '13 images courtesy of

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