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2013! 2013! 2013!

#frownynewyear-- Check out my twitter or instagram for the full series!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that all of you had a lovely holiday season! I sure did-- don't I look so happy? Haha, don't worry I was sad only because my delicious NYE meal was over with!

Anywho, I am super excited for 2013 and all it's possibilities. Most importantly I'm excited about this blog and where it may go in the future. I look forward to sharing with you more about myself and my passions....but one step at a time shall we?

I hope all of your hangovers have dissipated, that your first day back at work [poop] is not too tiring, and that you're still indulging a little bit with all the leftover cookies and candy.

*Love to you all*

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