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BAM! Kick it up a notch!

So I'm going to be completely honest here-- I have a serious problem. I'm unsure if it's inherited from my parents, but it has been something that plaguing me for a while. I deal with it from when I get up in the morning until I fall asleep at night. It is an issue that is written all over my face.

Oh, and it has nothing involved with drinking or drugs [get your head out of there].


I am addicted to neutral colors!

You may laugh, but it's a difficult affliction, especially in times when you want to kick up an outfit but what looks good on you is a black blazer, black pants, and a white blouse. Black, white, brown, gray, off white, white white white is prominent within your wardrobe and you tell yourself EVERYDAY that it's going to be different.

BUT I've discovered a simple solution [that helps me evade exploring colorful clothing]:

There is NOTHING in the world that can punch a dark outfit up into the HEMISPHERE like a kick-ass pair of statement shoes. In fact, if you have a pair like these Pierre Hardy X Balenciaga beauties, all you really need is a basic outfit. The focus needs to be on the feet people!

Even sneakers can make the outfit! Sure, a pair of Louboutin Pigalles would look just as marvelous but I appreciate the the surprise of colorful Nikes as well.

I'm hoping that I will be able to post some shots of my day-to-day outfits soon so I can prove this theory [I got a brand new camera for my 30th birthday this past Sunday, thanks Mom and Dad <3 ], but until then please enjoy some of my favorite STATEMENT shoes that I've found around the blogosphere after the jump!

...and I promise to try to wear color....sometime.


Let's Go Back: Lady Hawarden

One of the things that I obsessively do every week [besides blog for you lovely little bitties] is browse. Browse though forums, websites, magazines, newspapers, blogs....anything that I can get my hands on. Why do I do this? To keep myself up to date. To know about the latest magazine covers, the coolest upcoming trends. To see what genius designers are coming up with next. To see what inspires me.

It is insane to see how much new information pops up every day, and it's even a greater task to keep up and remember it all. Overwhelming is an understatement, and what's even worse is that it makes it difficult to remember things that have happened even just recently [do you remember what Zac Posen's models wore on their feet in his first RTW runway???? I could tell you but I'd have to google it first].

That said, I always love finding photos like these that remind me that fashion goes way further back than you and me:

These photos were taken in ~1860s by Lady Hawarden who is believed to be the first female photographer to be fascinated with the way clothes hang on the female form and hence, is determined to be the original fashion photographer. There is a point of contention in this statement, because these photos of her daughters Clementina, Isabella, and Florence were never published until recently, so how could she be a fashion photographer? To answer that, I implore to you read Dave Walker's article for the Library Time Machine that answers that question. He makes many valid points, but to me I see these photographs and all I can marvel at is the beautiful clothing and the look in the model's eyes.

The posing, the dresses, the settings, the lighting....I can see these fit into today's endless stream of new looks/ideas and STILL be relevant! Just imagine them in color...

And last but not least, my favorite. I mean MY GOD...THAT STARE:

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did! It's always good to take a moment to remember what happened in the past to keep perspective of what's to happen in the future! In fashion and in life!



Frenzy Fridays: Dream a Little Dream

As my day-to-day wear of the moment is focused solely around a beat-up sweatshirt and a pair of the hubby's sweatpants, I've been fantasizing about the possibilities of my wardrobe.

If there's one thing that I KNOW I'm lacking [don't even need to open my closet door], is handbags. I do have my fair share of them and most I use quite frequently, but to me it's as if you have an infinite supply of your favorite flavor of ice cream. You love it and eat it constantly for first three days, but on the fourth day you wonder what it would be like to have other flavors.

No offense current bag collection of mine, you're still sticking around, but at the moment I've got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL BAGS.

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays  
L to R from top left: Valentino, Proenza Schouler, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Reed Krakoff, Céline, Burberry [out of stock though, poo], Chloé, Chanel

Ahhhhhh, simple cut lines, beautiful leather, gorgeous colors. There is so much that goes in to handbag, but I feel that the outcome is something so much more than an accessory. Any one of these can complete an outfit OR, better yet, be the talking point.

Only issue with these beauties is that they are fiscally out of reach for me at least at this point. But a girl can dream, right?

What bags are YOU dreaming about right now? Let me know!!!


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Couture Spring '13: HOLY HELL DIOR

So there I was, reveling in my day off thanks to MLK Jr. and watching the inauguration when I so happened to check my Twitter feed and everyone who I stalk follow was raving from the rooftops! DIOR THIS, DIOR THAT, RAF IS PHENOMENAL, OMG OMG OMG.

I nearly spilled my coffee upon leaping to the keyboard to tap in and awaited patiently for their photos.


I can't contain myself.

I do realize that when Raf Simons was named as design head for the label, people were surprised. How could a man with such simplistic clean taste replace the hole that was left by the extravagant circus that is/was John Galliano? I feel this collection answered that question with a look that reflected the Danish designer's taste, but was SO refined and SO gorgeous that it echoed back to the Dior of the 1930s.

Stomping through a garden of delicate hedges, the Dior girl had a Rosemary's Baby pixie with jeweled encrusted red pout [courtesy of Pat McGrath]. She ranged her wardrobe from flower encrusted sheaths to pin tucked suits, to even a drop waist wedding gown.

I included what could only be WAY too many photos, but I loved the whole aesthetic of this collection. I only wish I could have been there to witness it!



Couture Spring '13: Atelier Versace

Although it is cold outside and I'm still longing for the beach, January-February has got to be one of my favorites time of the year because it is just a NON-STOP FASHION FEED! You've got Pitti Uomo, then we immediately go into Spring Couture, and then we slide right on into Fall '13 at New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Overloaddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

....but let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. Couture week in Paris has just kicked off, with Atelier Versace taking the first steps. This is Donatella's 3rd couture show so far and there was all of the ingredients that make a show trés trés Versace: Sexy & tight dresses, bold lines, and lustrous accents in the form of metallic material and beading. On top of that she had many heavy hitters of the runway stomp it off: Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, and Stella Tennant to name a few.

However she surprised us with some wool pantsuits and sheaths, fitted for daywear, and also some unexpected[well, unconventional for Versace that is] tailoring. There was also a play-round with pops of fur, which isn't something you commonly see with the house of Versace.

I mean, if Kristen McMenamy doesn't set the pace for you, I don't know what will:

PS- She is 47. Just like Cindy in this post here, I want to know the secret!
Overall I enjoyed this collection because of it's uniqueness to the Versace name. Donatella took the advantage of a couture presentation [versus your ready-to-wear, where people almost expect a certain look] to play around with the styling which I definitely applaud her for!

Check out some of my favorite looks from this presentation, after the jump!


Frenzy Fridays: Stylish Comfort

So unfortunately I fell sick along with the rest of Boston this past week. I did not succumb to the flu epidemic [thank goodness for dodging that bullet], but rather a nasty cold that has now progressed into bronchitis. *sigh*

Well I don't know about you, but when I'm feeling ill even the faintest idea of putting on pants is exhausting, and then when I'm in said pants I cannot wait to get home and get RID OF THEM. But alas and alack I still need to run errands/go to work/see the doctor, so pants it is [it is WAY too cold for dresses or skirts].

However I'm hoping the next time I'm stricken with an illness I'll be prepared with what I term as stylish comfort. Printed leggings [such as the BEAUTIES below], black boots, comfy sweater, over sized beanie......I'll be able to go outside and leave my immense desire for sweatpants at home!

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from far left: All Saints Peony leggings, Chiara Fashion Gold Foil Baroque leggings, Romwe Galaxy leggings, We are Handsome Vacation leggings, Alexander McQueen Dragonfly and Flowers leggings, Topshop Aztec Print leggings, Topshop Illustrated Scene leggings, Black Milk Chewie and Han leggings

Personal Note: I am a HUGE Star Wars fan [as in, I own all six original movies, art pieces dedicated to the series, and a script copy of A New Hope], so the Chewie and Han leggings are tempting me SO hard right now.

Anyway, I hope you all have a terrific weekend. Stay healthy!



Come on Baby Light My Fire: S/S 13 Saint Laurent

I don't know about you guys, but when Hedi Slimane took over as design head for Yves Saint Laurent and began making his tweaks to the brand, I was raising some eyebrows.

And then I'm sure that you, along with the rest of the world, freaked out a little when he announced the drop of the Y from the ever iconic YSL logo. What the.....?

I know, I know-- BREATHE! It may have been terrifying at the time since we all fear change, but after Hedi's Spring 2013 presentation I was thoroughly impressed with the cool, slick look that he decked the models in, from the wide brim hats to the gold plated jackets. Similar to what Stefano Pilati did with his final YSL collection, but there's such a smoky coolness about the design, kind of what I'd expect to find backstage at a 1960s The Doors show at Whiskey A-Go-Go.

Such a theme is prevalent in Saint Laurent's ad campaigns for the collection, starring the beautiful Julia Nobis and Edie Campbell. All I can say is, Hedi, you are SO vindicated in my mind!


All we have to do nowwwww


I don't even have to say their last names because these fine ladies have attained the highest level in the pretty looks catagory-- SUPERMODEL:


A successful fashion model who has reached the status of a celebrity.

I have to say though, this definition is lacking one thing-- a supermodel has the unique ability to defy the laws of aging and nature. They can model high fashion well after their 40s and will still make waves in the world. 

She recently posed for Andrew Macpherson's spread on Fashion Gone Rogue and she's giving me FIERCE '90s rocker chic.

She is 46 people. FORTY-SIX. I don't know what voodoo magic she's workin' to look this good, but I hope that I can be let into that secret when it's my time.

Enjoy the rest of the photos after the jump, but first you need to hit play for some ultra-background music appropriateness:


Frenzy Fridays: Do It Like a Dude

So like I said in my last post, Pitti Uomo is underway in Florence and one of my favorite things to look out for at this time is not just the shows [My recommendations? Alexander McQueen, Kenzo, and Topman Design-- check 'em out yo!], but the endless flow of street style photos that pop up. I have a weakness for well dressed men, so this is a) endless eye candy and b) outfit inspiration galore! One photo in particular came up in Tommy Ton's feed:

....I love it. He is not wearing anything garish, but the combination of the double breasted navy suit, the high collar dark green coat, snazzy glasses [I tried to coin the word 'glazzies' but I don't think that flies], and gloves looks so SMART.

Seriously, I like this outfit so much that my mind immediately started buzzing on how I could swing this on my own. You can find my translation below:

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: military coat [another snazzy one here], Cambridge Satchel Co. cross-body, studded top, 10 Crosby by Derek Lam pants, Paul Smith booties, Karen Walker sunnies, John Lewis gloves
Basically I still incorporated some of his outfit [the military coat, the glazzies...does it work now?, the gloves] but then put in my own touches of the pumped up booties, a studded collar, and a cross-body bag in Fall's hottest color, oxblood.

Sidenote: As much as I love the color, I HATE the name oxblood. It just makes me think about cattle, which then makes me think about the food industry, which then makes me think about slaughter....and then I throw up. Can't it be called 'lovely dark red' or something?

I can totally picture myself eating gelato, sitting on the steps in front of the Fortezza, admiring all the handsome gents running between shows.



PRE-FALL 2013: Carven

Although my husband is a fashionable guy, there are certain things revolving around the fashion world that tend to allude him. For instance, he asked me the other day the purpose of Pre-Fall collections. 

"Why do designers have them when Fall is already gone and we're into winter?" 

This then lead into a conversation about how this was for Fall 2013 ["Why are they showing that now rather than summer? That makes no sense!" he declares],  but we finally concluded to leave him perplexed and to enjoy the new lines that are popping up in our social feeds. Pitti Uomo is underway [check out some street style snaps here and's report here], so he should be fine.

EITHER WAY, I have been really digging a lot of the Pre-Fall lines that are coming out, but the one that especially caught my eye was CARVEN:

There is just NO WAY I could pick a favorite look!  The structured jackets [how perfect is the blue one right above? I want this for winter right now gawddamnit], the intricate lace layers,
the pop of a colored pattern meshed against a textured jacket.....I think Harper's Bazaar US described it best when they stated that the Pre-Fall Carven girl could be an 'art school student.' I think what I like best is the fact that Guillaume Henry purposely made some quirky decisions that still make the overall look so chic. The disproportionate jacket over the slimming skirt suit, for instance, or the sandals with thick ribbed tights.

If only I were rich, this entire collection would be in my possession. Check out more amazing-ness after the jump!


Drunk on Fashion

Inspiration tends to not come easily to me. It takes something truly special to stand out, slap me across the face, and SPEAK in very loud words. With that said, I was surprised to not only be slapped once this past week, but TWICE [my face hurts guys]:
  1. I was perusing and found an article on Mimi's Beer, a boutique located in in Paris’ Marais district that instead of serving champagne-- the très français beverage of choice-- they serve a blonde beer inspired by owner Laura Marciano's re purposed vintage designs. How amazing is that??
  2. THEN it was brought to my attention [more that all my Facebook friends were blowing up my feed] that Boston, the city I love, was voted America's drunkest city by the Daily Beast. Way to go Boston! Good to know we are keeping up our reputation of having a naturally high BAC.
Truth be told, I am a beer-drinker. I tend to prefer hops to wine and I am a proud mug holder at The Lower Depths, so all this slaps-piration got me thinking....if I were to enjoy a frothy beverage whilst browsing a high-fashion boutique, what would I drink?

So here is some of my favorite beer pairings with some of my favorite upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 looks:

THE LOOK: Sarah Burton is such an ingenue [much like her predecessor the late great Alexander McQueen] with her designs and has always kept a very firm grasp on her theme. S/S '13 was no exception, with a apiological look on bee structure, amber, and hives. Such detail! Everything from the structured honeycomb jackets to the tortoise shell accessories adorned with gold bees.

BEER CHOICE: If I had to choose, I'd sip on some Honey Brown Lager with the modernist beekeeper hat on my head. Slightly sweet and a little tangy, to go with all hexagonal patterns.


Frenzy Fridays: Grrr and Brrrrrrr

Someday, when the thermometer climbs up past 50 degrees, I will probably dedicate a Frenzy Friday to something other than warm layers, but while it's below freezing and windy out [preferably I'd like to be HERE] I can't think of anything else more appropriate!

While I was making my way to work this morning all I could think about is how I'd like to dress if I a) had enough cash and b) didn't have to teeter over 3 inches of ice. Henceforth and therefore, this outfit:

SbDW- Frenzy Fridays
clockwise from top left: Carhartt travel mug, Miu Miu shearling coat, Prabal Gurung button down blouse, Karen Millen bootcut jean, Pashmina Art scarf, Proenza Schouler heels [on MAJOR markdown!], Lucky Brand Gold Pave Feather Ring, Social Anarchy Double Finger Ring

Your traditional black/red/white/gold combination, kicked up with splashes of dark red [how much do you love those Proenza booties?], and topped off with a coat that is equal parts sleek and rebellious.

As a final touch I added a travel mug of hot coffee because if you're not wearing gloves, you've got to have something to keep those hands warm!

Alright, off to get my day started! I hope all of you have an amazing weekend! xoxo


2013! 2013! 2013!

#frownynewyear-- Check out my twitter or instagram for the full series!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that all of you had a lovely holiday season! I sure did-- don't I look so happy? Haha, don't worry I was sad only because my delicious NYE meal was over with!

Anywho, I am super excited for 2013 and all it's possibilities. Most importantly I'm excited about this blog and where it may go in the future. I look forward to sharing with you more about myself and my passions....but one step at a time shall we?

I hope all of your hangovers have dissipated, that your first day back at work [poop] is not too tiring, and that you're still indulging a little bit with all the leftover cookies and candy.

*Love to you all*
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