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I Dream of [Alexander] Wang

I've got a hunger, and it ain't for nutella stuffed cookies.....albeit having made these THREE times this holiday season and have licked my nutella covered hands into oblivion. 

No, I am hankering for some structure and sweatpants.

Oh yes. Pre-Fall is poking it's fashionable little head out this month, which for me is not only a dream of what I will be wearing come 2013, but also a little mid-winter kick in the butt to convince me that my down parka from high school is NOT an acceptable form of outerwear.

I've admired Alexander Wang for a while for the fact that historically we can rely on him to churn out designs that are sharp to the eye while at the same time comfortable. No more of this 'fashion is pain' bullshit [unless we're talking Iris Van Herpen X United Nude...imagine walking around Manhattan in those], as Wang gives us a fun combination of structured jackets with slick tailoring details, along with more softer silhouettes that almost resemble sweatpants and sweatshirts. Exhibit A:

Love the fact that I can picture myself gallivanting around the city in these AND taking a nice nap!

I am really looking forward to seeing Wang's future collections and more importantly I am EAGER to see what he does as his newly appointed position as creative director for Balenciaga. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be a fun turn for the fashion house.

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